AMA Recap — YAY Games #1 — Guilherme Jovanović, CSO

Recap of AMA of YAY Games with Avalaunch

On the 23th of August 2021 @ 11:00 a.m. (PST),we conducted our 1st of 2 AMAs with the YAY Games team with special guest Guilherme Jovanović, CSO, YAY Games.

Below we present to you a transcript from that AMA with the full questions and answers.

AMA Transcript

Mark | Avalaunch

We are going to get right into the questions, then we will cover the questions selected from Twitter, and then the live.

Thanks so much for joining us, Guilherme. Everyone is really excited to learn about the project.

Please introduce yourself and give us an overview of the core team. What are your backgrounds, histories in crypto/gaming, and experiences you bring to YAY Games?

Marcus Aurelius

Hey Mark, first of all thank you so much for inviting me! I really love AVAX community in general and I cant wait to get to know yours better

Just to avoid confusion, my name is Guilherme. But I use “Marcus Aurelius” as my pseudonym

Let’s get started !

About myself, I am Serbian and Portuguese raised in Switzerland. I got a BBA from Geneva, and two Masters in Moscow — MSc Strategic Communications and MBA graduated with honours — Summa Cum Laude.

In addition I am a certified Geopolitical analyst and speak 6 languages fluently. I first got interested in crypto around 10 years ago, it was fascinating for me the idea of a virtual decentralized economy.

And in 2016 I decided to try the technology and started investing in crypto. Early 2019 I joined indacoin — one of the leading fiat-crypto payment gateways. We’ve worked directly with over 100 crypto projects, dealt with very complex regulatory frameworks, fraud, chargebacks, identity theft, and more.

In addition, I am also a cryptocurrency/blockchain consultant for NASDAQ listed companies

About our team — it is divided into 3 main areas of expertise — Crypto, Gaming and IT development.

Stan and I bring deep expertise in operating crypto and traditional business — Indacoin deals with both fiat and crypto.

And we’ve worked with so many projects such as wallets, tokens, exchanges, blockchain/defi projects that we got to learn in depth about all sorts of technologies, niches, teams, fundraising and more. We saw projects succeed, fail and stagnate. This gave us a really good understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

To succeed, we onboarded Nick as our CEO. Nick brings 10+ years of experience in gaming, and he is the co-founder of Creagames — one of the largest game publishing firms within the CIS region.

Nick was also involved in defi and crypto investments for many years as well. Thus, onboarding him allowed us to jump to the next level. His passion for both gaming and crypto was the perfect match for our vision.

Maria, our head of marketing, switched from traditional fields to blockchain back in 2017. Since then, she coordinated dozens of ICOs and IDOs as well as helped late-stage companies to refine their marketing strategy.

She combines expertise in marketing and product management to ensure both sides of user engagement: acquisition & retention, which is crucial for our ambitious long-term goals.

Our lead developer — Denis is a highly skilled full stack developer. He has +7 years of experience in IT development, and has built 4 successful dapps. Specialist in high load, blockchain, and finance technologies — Denis as the lead developer was the right person to give life to our envisioned platform.

Our head of Design — Svetlana brought life into Yay Games, by identifying the core values and vision of the team. She used her creativity and 7+ years of experience as Art Director for Fintech companies, to create a unique brand identity that translates the ideas of gaming, freedom and decentralization into Yay Games.

Finally, Alexander — our Technical Project Manager, brings massive experience in managing large Teams for big banks and corporations with more than 12 years of experience in this field. He brings to the table a unique combo of expertise in UX/UI, customer experience, and full-stack development, which is backed by Webby, Epic, and Red Dot awards. With his unique skill set, we can be sure that what we’ve planned in our roadmap will be delivered on time.

What is impressive about our team is that most of them quit their well paid high grade jobs to join Yay Games. It almost feels like a real life “Suicide Squad” reunion, many of us worked together in different projects before, and now we are joining forces together in this mission.

My team is almost like a family to me, I know they will do whatever it takes to support each other and be on top. And that is what distinguishes us from others. We are fearless, ready for anything and aiming to be number one. Nothing can stop us.

Mark | Avalaunch

Very nice, thanks for all that. One of the things that has always impressed us about YAY is just how well supported and experienced the team is. Just quickly, outside of the core team, how many people are working on the project?

Marcus Aurelius

Thanks, Mark! It took us a lot of energy to assemble this amazing team.

Besides the core team, there are 15 additional members. If counting with Community managers, and other part time employees. The team has over 30 members.

Mark | Avalaunch

Wow, big team. Big vision, big team. Makes sense.

So let’s talk about YAY.

Give us the “elevator pitch” for YAY. What does it bring to the market that’s new? What is the “big picture?”

Marcus Aurelius

Last year we had been actively investing in defi protocols and using these technologies on a daily basis, and around that time we had the idea of founding a decentralized gaming platform.

As business people, we identified that there was an evident gap in this segment, and that Yield farming most of the times was not sustainable for the long run.

Therefore, our idea of Yay Games was inspired by Yield Farming with an innovative gaming touch that makes it attractive for users/gamers but also sustainable for the long run.

At that time the defi gaming space was extremely underdeveloped, therefore, we saw an opportunity where we can bring innovation, adoption and lead the way.

Mark | Avalaunch

Stepping back a bit, what are your thoughts on the current intersection of gaming and crypto? What does the blockchain gaming industry need to see broader adoption?

Marcus Aurelius

My thoughts on this intersection is that gaming has not been properly developed in this direction. And no one actually has its full potential, only now some projects are starting to experiment with it, but this is still very early to understand the full picture.

To see broader adoption we need to have more gaming people involved in the space. I’ve met with many other defi gaming projects, and most of them have little or no gaming background. And that is the main reason there are very few actually fully developed and functional decentralized gaming platforms.

Also we need to remove entry barriers, at the current moment it is not that simple for a user with no knowledge of crypto to get into dapps, NFTs, etc. There should be much more effort in making it easier and more accessible to anyone.

Mark | Avalaunch

You mention NFTs, and these are clearly important to the industry right now. Tell us about how YAY utilizes NFTs. How do you think we will see NFTs change blockchain gaming?

Marcus Aurelius

We utilize NFTs in some of our games because they are a perfect representation of many game items and it fits into gaming perfectly. For instance, say you own some sort of object within the game.

If this object is represented in the form of NFT, you actually own it for real, you can send it to other people, even outside of the game itself. And sell it on any NFT marketplace. And this is just one example of the simplest utility of NFT within games. The full potential is yet to be discovered.

And at Yay Games we are ready to dive deep into that direction and continue to bring innovative ideas that will reshape the way we think and see Gamefi.

Mark | Avalaunch

We are also seeing gaming and DeFi coming together in interesting ways. How does YAY Games look at this marriage of two fundamentally separate sectors? Additionally, What opportunities present themselves here to make more interesting, fun and powerful games?

Marcus Aurelius

We look at this marriage between Gaming and Defi as a very successful one. Although the sectors are separate, they complete each other in ways that are unbelievable. It gives user abilities and power of actual ownership within games, power to play in a completely decentralized way that opens doors to many new possibilities.

In terms of opportunities, it is hard to estimate as they may be limitless. When you start being creative and thinking about the possibilities, you soon realize that there is so much room for innovation. Just think about all the blockchain technology alone and its power. Then try to imagine how many games currently exist, and then put the 2 together.

You soon realize that the current stage of this niche is 0.000001% of what it could potentially become. The upcoming years are going to be unforgettable, we are entering a new era where regular people will start quitting their jobs to earn with games (which is already happening) and everyone can start earning a passive income stream by basically doing what they already do.

And you know what the real power is? There is no company behind using your data, taking your money, tracking your location, manipulating your brain and actions with repetitive useless ads, .

This new “marriage” will change people’s lives forever in ways that no one can even imagine. And this could actually be the real solution to finally make a real crypto revolution and bring adoption to the masses.

Mark | Avalaunch

One thing I think everyone is really excited about is the new farming and mining mechanisms. Tell us about the concept of in-game farming and mining. What is it and how can players expect to see it leveraged in your games?

Marcus Aurelius

In-game mining is basically a synonym for Play2earn. It means that we give users the ability to earn crypto while playing games. About the mechanics for earning, it will vary depending on the game itself. There will be general game mining mechanics such as:

Mining based on ranking — i.e. Top-10 will mine 5’000 YAY per day

Mining based on number of games played — i.e. 100 games unlock 1’000 YAY

Social Mining — i.e. Inviting/challenging/sharing results on social media — i.e. 100 YAY mined per each sharing

In-game Mining — i.e. Achieve certain results within the game and unlock YAY and/or NFTs

Tournaments — Play with others and the winners earn YAY

But then depending on the games, there may be different mining mechanics.

For example, for Bold Point ( game users will earn by battling each other and improving their characters, selling in-game items on the NFT marketplace, etc.

Our team is working hard on the development of several games, and we will deliver constant updates until the final game releases.

Mark | Avalaunch

What can you tell us about the Marketplace? How does it fit into the project’s architecture?

Marcus Aurelius

The Gaming Marketplace is a perfect fit for our project because it brings us closer to what we aim to be in the future — a game publishing dapp.

Where developers and other gaming projects will have the ability to list their games on our marketplace and instantly get access to our community of players.

Also we find it beneficial to have a broader mind and aim higher by not only focusing on a single game but in many games simultaneously, which will have independent teams working on each game individually (depending on the level of complexity and development required for the game)

Mark | Avalaunch

It would be great to hear about the YAY token. What is it’s utility and why would an investor be excited about holding it?

Marcus Aurelius

$YAY is the governance token of the Yay Games marketplace. Its utility besides transacting, trading and being utilized for liquidity provision is:

1- Used as a reward when playing games with play2earn features

2- Used as an entry access to certain games and tournaments

3- Used to purchase game items, improve the characters, etc.

4- It can be burned to create in-game items in form of NFTs

5- Staking $YAY will be utilized as a loyalty program with different tiers, which will enable players to earn higher rewards within the games while still earning passive income through the staking APR.

6- Governance — $YAY aims to be a DAO in the future. Therefore, token holders will have the power to vote for important decisions in terms of game releases, partners, and more.

7- $YAY will be used as an incentive for liquidity provision on dexes aka “Yield Farming”

In conclusion, $YAY is the governance token of a forward-thinking dapp that brings innovation to the defi gaming ecosystem. In simple terms, the more games are released the more utility $YAY will have and more purpose for holders.

From the beginning, our main objective with $YAY was to create a token economy where gamers / investors will be incentivized to earn through game mining and yield farming in a sustainable manner.

Where it will make more sense to hold for long term, rather than earning and instantly “dumping”. The more games we add to the platform, the more utility $YAY will get over time. Thus, the current list of $YAY utilities is just a fraction of what is yet to come.

Mark | Avalaunch

There is already a lot there, but am wondering what are the plans for introducing additional utility to the YAY token? It’s always great to see tokens grow and mature over time, and I am wondering how we might see YAY evolve.

Marcus Aurelius

Every time we publish new games the utility of $YAY increases.

Moreover, as additional benefits and increased mining incentives and special NFTs are greatly determined by the amount of staked $YAY — it constantly removes tokens from circulation and makes the asset more scarce, with a higher number of holders preferring to hold it for long term rather than selling.

And the deflationary mechanics through token burning to craft in-game items in the form of NFTs make the token very attractive to hold for long term.

In the future we would like to see $YAY being used to make gaming related purchases on popular platforms like Steam. And have the token being used for other purposes other than games. Since token economics was designed to be a long-term hold, this could even be a safe asset that could substitute saving accounts and pension funds.

You can find the tokenmics here:

Mark | Avalaunch

What have been some of the biggest challenges you have faced so far with the project?

Marcus Aurelius

As founder of the project, I had to build the whole concept and vision of YAY from scratch with my partner Stan. That was the first challenge, the idea was clear but it took a lot of time to put in paper in a simple and understandable way.

There may have been over 50 different versions of the pitch deck, +200 versions of token metrics until we found exactly how to position ourselves and make the idea straight-forward to any potential investor regardless of any crypto background.

Then when we started pitching the project, we kept getting declined by investors, launchpads, VCs, funds, etc. There was a lot of interest but in the end it was very hard to reach an agreement, due to the maturity of the project.

We received a lot of critics and at some point we even considered dropping the project completely and refunding all the seed investors. However, we continued to develop, we tried to improve all the negative aspects pointed out by these individuals. And in the end their negative comments were crucial for our growth

Eventually, things started improving, we had a solid strategy, good partners and investors backing us, therefore, we felt more confident to launch the project.

Then the market situation changed completely. BTC price dropped 50% and all the market was down 😂, all IDO launches were having negative returns.

So at this point we had to postpone our launch, as it was even impossible to finalize the private rounds. Several investors who had promised to take an allocation disappeared, others asked for refunds due to their big losses and all other potential investors just gave the same reply “We are pausing all our investments for now”.

So at this stage, it was hard to go forward in terms of finalizing private rounds and jump into IDO. So we decided to instead focus on team building, development of the platform and business development.

So, we began headhunting for a new CEO who could bring more gaming expertise to the project. But it was extremely challenging finding someone with a good gaming background and solid knowledge of crypto/defi. We sent out hundreds of messages to all our networks and had no success. We interviewed and met with dozens of candidates, but most of them had little or no expertise at all in crypto.

Until Stan, our co-founder remembered he had once met someone who was deeply into gaming several years ago at a friend’s party. He found his contact and reached him out, the reply was negative and he could barely remember Stan at all, nevertheless he agreed to meet with us.

Once we met, there were instant synergies and it was almost a miracle that the candidate — Nick had just decided to move on to a new project after his big success at Creagames.

Moreover, he was very interested in crypto and had been participating in dozens of different IDOs during the past years.

So we finally found the perfect CEO that was completely aligned with our values and vision.

From this moment forward things started escalating at a very fast pace and it was a turning point for, which led us to where we are today ⭐️

Mark | Avalaunch

Let’s talk about Avalanche for a little bit. What attracted you to the platform?

Marcus Aurelius

I personally am an early adopter/investor of AVAX and I loved the dapp experience. The speed of transaction, low fees, and decentralization were outstanding for me.

Prior to that I was a heavy Uniswap user, and was trading there almost on a daily basis. However, when the ETH fees escalated, I lost interest and did not have such excitement to use ETH dapps any longer.

What also motivated me to build on Avalanche was my experience with the former Zero Exchange, which today is known as Relay Chain.

During my role at indacoin I partnered with Gram from Relay, and I was astonished by how much respect and love Gram and his team had for Avalanche tech and community.

Although Avax was still so young, I had a realization that this was something yet to “explode” in terms of adoption. Only by seeing how committed and passionate were the people building on AVAX and the community itself.

Finally, every single person with whom I spoke had very positive impressions of Avalanche.

Even though many of them never used it, they just knew for a fact that the team behind it is brilliant in terms of blockchain development and the end product is the cherry on top of the pie.

Mark | Avalaunch

How does Avalanche’s promise of fast, cheap and decentralized help you as a forward thinking blockchain gaming company?

Marcus Aurelius

Taking advantage of the speed, high security, and low transaction costs of Avalanche, we can ensure our decentralized gaming marketplace provides the best service possible. Users will be able to trade tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seamlessly and cost-efficiently.

By building on Avalanche, we can make our platform more interconnected and cohesive. It will allow our games to create several different blockchains and subnets, helping divide certain parts of their in-game economies within a larger ecosystem.

Mark | Avalaunch

You are launching on both Avalanche and BSC. How do you see the multi-chain architecture benefiting the project? How did you land on these two? Are you looking at expanding to other ecosystems?

Marcus Aurelius

From the very beginning we aimed to be a cross chain project. It has become important for projects to allow users to navigate within different blockchains in a seamless way. And each blockchain has their own community which is composed of different types of people, and maybe even significantly different backgrounds and origins.

Therefore, having BSC and AVAX may seem odd. Because both BSC and AVAX share similar features of fast transactions and low fees. However, there are some differences indeed. What we liked about BSC is that most people are quite familiar with it and it has become widely popular.

As a result, for a brand new project it would be relatively easy to target the BSC audience. And also be among its top gaming projects. In regards to AVAX, the tech aspects are more advanced, the transactions are faster, cheaper as well as the level of security and decentralization. In terms of community, it is far behind, when compared to BSC.

Yet, it is a completely different community, most people who use BSC are not the same as those who use AVAX. These are two different audiences, and the people within it are also different. For instance, to this point it is noticeable that many BSC community members are more prompt to jump into projects without making a proper DYOR, and making sure what they are doing is safe. And also they may be looking more for a quick profit than anything else.

The Avax community seems to be more literate and more supportive of projects for the long run. And prefer quality over quantity.

The reality is that these 2 blockchains have not much connection with each other. For instance, there aren’t many bridges between AVAX-BSC.

Because in fact there is no actual point for a bridge, The user experience is not extremely different like ETH-AVAX that would justify pushing users to move from one blockchain to the other.

So we see these 2 blockchains co-existing within our marketplace and being used by different types of individuals. However, what is important to note is that AVAX has not yet had an exponential growth like ETH, BNB, DOT, etc.

Which means that this movement is yet to come, and when it does — Yay Games will be one of the pioneer gaming projects building on this chain.

For the future we are open to considering other blockchains, however, it is not a priority.

Mark | Avalaunch

Tell us about your current game line-up. In terms of upcoming games, what can we expect? Anything you are particularly excited about?

Marcus Aurelius

Hard to say what we’re most excited about, it’s like picking the favourite child. For sure our team is extremely excited about moving prediction games to Avalanche, no doubt it’ll help us to create a smoother user experience and breathe a new life to our very first game.

We’re planning to add several casual games to our lineup and make YAY more appealing for players, but speaking of what you should definitely be hyped about I have only one answer — Bold Point. Bold Point is one of the latest games to feature blockchain, counting on its unique sidechain technology and mining mechanics to offer high economic utility.

Plus this game is going to be adapted for crypto newcomers, and we hope it’ll be a leap in mass adoption of decentralized gaming. To bridge this gap and reach out to traditional gamers is one of our main goals from the very beginning, so we consider this release a crucial milestone in YAY history.

Mark | Avalaunch

What can you tell us about the roadmap? What does the project look like 3, 6 and 12 months post-IDO.

Marcus Aurelius

3 months

In the last quarter of 2021, we will introduce multiple tournaments for different games. To ensure users can earn extra $YAY by playing and challenging other gamers while doing so.

At this stage, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be added to guarantee users can have full ownership over their in-game items. Main events would be the $YAY listing on CEX and $BPT multi-IDO launch, we can’t wait to see both tokens conquering these crucial milestones.

6 months

At the start of 2022, with the platform fully live and all features running, we will add fiat on-ramp integration to create a more accessible bridge between our marketplace and non-crypto users. The team will also airdrop tokens periodically to our public and private sale investors.

For upcoming releases we’re planning to launch the Bold Point mobile app and make it more appealing for our mobile evangelists. At the moment we see a steadily increasing interest from smartphone users, so overall adaptivity is one of our main priorities.

12 months

We will implement cross-chain interoperability and inter-chain communication, which will help us scale as more users leverage the platform. At this stage, Virtual reality (VR) games will start being researched and developed for future integration.

Mark | Avalaunch

Can you tell us about your upcoming game, Bold Point? What type of game is it, how long has it been in development, and what elements of it do you think will resonate most strongly with players?

Marcus Aurelius — link to Bold Point

Bold Point is an NFT-based role-playing card game that offers a fun and competitive experience. The game is designed to build your character and level it up through battle, either against other players (PvP) or against the computer AI (PvE). It is also possible to wage bets when playing against other players (Gold PvP) and earn even more rewards for each win.

Realizing that a large portion of the population is still largely illiterate regarding cryptocurrencies, the Bold Point has also set up an innovative and fun blockchain education system. The digitized crypto knowledge base will help those who want to familiarize themselves with this disruptive technology, thus increasing adoption through education.

Perhaps the most vital point is the groundbreaking game model behind Bold Point. Play-to-earn games typically require an initial investment to be able to participate. However, Bold Point is both free-to-play and play-to-earn, meaning gamers will be able to start earning from the very start without the need to put up any capital upfront. It’s planned to be released in 4 months, and both our team and our community are very excited about this upcoming launch.

Mark | Avalaunch

How will Bold Point tie into the YAY token. How can YAY holders expect to participate in the Bold Point ecosystem?

Marcus Aurelius

Bold Point is an in-house development, thus we are highly motivated to build a strong connection between BPT and YAY.

Together with the Bold Point devs we’ve created a rewards system for $YAY token holders, that’ll include basic utility as an internal currency, but on top of it we want to arrange additional pools within the game along with prizes and special ranks for $YAY holders.

Lastly, staking YAY will bring numerous benefits to Bold Point gamers. Such as larger incentives, ability to mint rare tools, weapons and heroes.

Mark | Avalaunch

OK, final question!

What’s the end-game for YAY Games? For example: in 2 years YAY Games is a huge success and you’ve successfully executed on the project’s vision. What does the YAY ecosystem look like?

Marcus Aurelius

Yay Games aims to become a game publishing dapp that will work as a DAO.

Meaning that eventually most of the token supply will be in the hands of the community. And the community itself will be responsible for making important decisions and deciding on whom and which games to onboard within

Developers will be incentivized to be part of the community and publish their own games within the platform.

Nevertheless, the core team will always be attached to the project regardless of its intentions to become a DAO.

And the team wishes to expand to VR and other upcoming technologies that we believe to be a strong match for Gamefi.

Mark | Avalaunch

Thanks for all that. We really appreciate you taking the time to break down the project for us. Our community is thoughtful and intelligent, so they appreciate the detail and understanding of YAY at a deep level.

Questions From Twitter

1. @CryptoRekt22 asks:

Seeing as how there are so many gamers from around the world, who are your target customers? Who can benefit the most from the games and tools that you are offering? Is it just gamers?

Marcus Aurelius

1- People who are already familiar with crypto/defi to start. Because it might be hard to target other people who never owned crypto in their life.

2- Who can benefit more from the games? I would say that the main idea of the games is to have fun! Therefore, anyone who wants to be entertained by playing decentralized games with other people around the globe — will benefit from it for sure!

But of course, since these games allow you to actually earn real profits, I guess it depends on your perspective. If you are just looking for a small income stream in your free time you will be able to do it whenever you want. But for some serious players, this can be their main source of income. Therefore, in this case, one could say that people who spend more time and energy on it would have higher benefits.

We dont target “just gamers” , we target anyone who is also interested in playing with defi tech. In the end we also allow newbies to get familiar with the technology in a very friendly way — and that is our ultimate vision.

2. @AkihisaMori45 asks:

In online games, there is always a winner & a loser. Can YAY Games make a mechanism to benefit both players? In your games, how do you define a “winner?” What is the minimum deposit to be eligible to play games?

Marcus Aurelius

1- It really depends on the game ! some games might have winners or losers, like chess for example

But in fact both players will somehow earn regardless of the results

by earning exp. one earns points which then allows them to earn more crypto

Also some games like Bold Point do not necessarily have a winner or loser, the ultimate goal is to develop your “hero” and make your NFT more valuable over time.

Lastly, what is great about Yay Games — WE DO NOT HAVE ENTRY FEES!!!!

Anybody can play and earn 🙂 Ofc, players who invest more will evolve more rapidly and earn more, but anybody can start playing regardless

3. @DngGiaPhong2 asks:

YAY combines two of the most demanding markets in the world today: cryptocurrencies and games. So, in terms of adoption, how do non-savvy players of these decentralized economic structures get acquainted with entering a gamified trade network?

Marcus Aurelius

One of the main purposes of Bold Point Game — is to actually remove entry barriers for new users

The Game will work in 2 ways :

Mainnet — Where the profit is being made and users are playing and earning.

Sidechain “Testnet” — A friendly environment that does not involve any real “money” . Users can simply connect their wallets and from the very beginning be guided on how to

1- Make crypto transfers

2- Mint NFTs

3- Add/remove Liquidity

4- Several actions within the game are done through the smart contracts.

Therefore, offering them all the required education to become completely savvy in all this defi “mess”

We believe onboarding new users through games makes it much easier than watching 1h videos , long articles, etc. Learn by doing it!

4. @AlexaBaluran asks:

Everyone knows that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with your partners. So with YAY, which partners are able to amplify your efforts the most?

Marcus Aurelius

I would say that all our partners played a special role in our development. Even the ones that gave up on us, they really opened our eyes and allowed us to improve ourselves and be better

But of course there are some crucial partners

I would say Danish Chaudhry — the CEO of exchange . He is one of our early investors, and he believed in the project before there was even a proper pitch deck/ token metrics. He put a lot of effort to help us in a stage where no one wanted to.

Then I would say Pinky from Superlauncher , he became almost like a mentor to me. He was ready to have calls any time of the day. He gave me a lot of constructive feedback, and I consider him to be a strong pillar for our development

Cryptoviking from and his team and partners from animatech, were extremely supportive from the beginning. And helped not only with valuable advice but several intros and relevant investors.

He really saw the value in the project at a very early stage when no one saw it. And he knew it was gonna get this big, he was absolutely right. Even myself I didn’t think we would be at this stage right now

Finally, probably the most impactful partner — Avalaunch team. Thanks to Mark , Dave and the rest of the team we actually decided to build on Avalanche.

We met the Avalaunch team pretty late, and we were about to sign a contract to build on another blockchain.

But Mark and the team were so genuinely interested in the project and were willing to really go the extra mile to support us in every possible way!

In a very short period of time we built a strong connection and even a friendship, I would say.

The speed of the Avalaunch team in arranging everything is unbelievable. After several years working in this space, it’s the first time I encounter such dedicated and hard working partners. Who genuinely wants to help the project succeed. And provide all the necessary tools for us to do so.

We are super excited to be the first IDO on Avalaunch. And I believe from now on forward, all the IDOs will be executed in an excellent manner. Thus, the future is bright for anyone working with Avalaunch. Cheers to you!

There are many others, but I don’t want to bother you guys with it ahah . But I think Yuriy from deserves a special mention as well. He was the very first investor and true believer of the project

5. @Jaki73364096 asks:

Does YAY Game represent the game creation platform of the future? Why is it better to build games on the blockchain and not in the traditional way with centralized platforms?

Marcus Aurelius

Yes, I would say Yay Games is very forward thinking. Because we are building something that doesn’t exist

We are bringing innovation and actually creating a new direction within Gamefi

That has not been explored

Why is it better to build games on the blockchain and not in the traditional way with centralized platforms?

1- Blockchain allows you to own all your items within the games. Your Sword in the form of NFT can be traded and sold for real money for example. Or, you could send it to another game and perhaps use it there as well.

2- There are no barriers . You don’t need to purchase the game, you don’t need to have a special console to play. You just connect and play.

3- Decentralized — You wont be controlled by big corporations. There won’t be ads messing up with your brains and pushing you to waste your money on useless stuff and be an addict.

4- You can earn real crypto. People are already quitting their jobs to play decentralized games full time. With Gamefi, your hobby can be a passive income stream.

There is much more, but these are the main ones, in my opinion

Questions from the Community

  1. KingKong asks:

Trust and security is very important for the project so what is the Audit status of your project?

Marcus Aurelius

Completely agree with you Mister King Kong. Trust and security are a must❗️

All our smart contracts are being audited. Therefore, everyone will be able to use our dapp in a safe manner.

2. Diamond Strong Pogged asks:

Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Marcus Aurelius

Yes, $YAY and the future $BPT (Bold Point token — will have burning mechanics when crafting new items such as weapons, skins, armours, etc.

Users will have to burn $YAY, $BPT or both combined. This way we create this deflationary mechanics for our ecosystem. Other games may also have different burning mechanisms.

Moreover, users will be incentivized to hold and stake $YAY for a long time — in order to get additional benefits within the games. Thus, with a limited supply , burning mechanics and long term incentive. $YAY has an optimal structure for the future.

3. Pogo Pal asks

How can we support your project? and what feedback would you give to the community?

Marcus Aurelius

You can support our project by participating in our community chats, providing feedback, sharing ideas and using our dapps. We aim to become a DAO, therefore the community always comes first for us.

We are open for any feedback that will make us stronger in the future. And allow the community to actively participate in our governance.

4. Crypto Eagle asks

Where can I buy your tokens, what is your current contract, and how can I buy them? -What are the advantages for me buying these tokens?

Marcus Aurelius

We are having ongoing IDOs this week so I recommend you to get $YAY on The IDO is planned for August 28th.

For more details on IDO line up please check this article:

Regarding the advantages, as I explained during this AMA , there are loads of utility and features that make it viable for the long run. But I strongly recommend you to do your own research and make your own conclusions before making any investment decision.

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