Avalaunch Lists on MXC

Pursuant to our partnership announced last week, found here, Avalaunch is proud to be listed on MEXC Global.

As a thriving cryptocurrency exchange, incubator and launch platform with nearly a billion USD in daily trading volume, MEXC is an ideal platform to create a broader distribution for the XAVA token as well as expose the project to a much wider audience. With approximately six million registered users, with ~75% of them in China and Southeast Asia, the opportunity to connect with MEXC’s vibrant community of traders and cryptocurrency supporters represents an important step forward.

A Brief Overview

MXC Global Users:

  • ~6 million Registered users with ~200k users per day

Geographic Profiles of Users (approximate):

  • 12% in North and South America
  • 12% in Europe
  • 75% in Asia and China


Established in early 2018, MEXC Global has not suffered a security breach on their exchange and have maintained an impressive trust score across tracking sites. To date, their trust scores as compiled by Coingecko puttting them on par with the proverbial “best of the best.”


  • Their English speaking telegram has in excess of 125K members
  • Similarly large followings across additional Chinese groups
  • Twitter: 204.2K Followers
  • MEXC Fans Twitter: 51K Followers

Liquidity & Fees

  • Average Bid-Ask Spread — 2%
  • Normalized Volume Percentile — 98th
  • MXC fees are slightly lower than the global industry average at 0.20%/trade.

We look forward to a thriving working partnership together to advance the global initiative that is Avalaunch and to similarly support MEXC in providing a state-of-the-art crypto trading experience.

About MEXC Global: A Leading Crypto Trading Platform

MEXC Global is a cryptocurrency exchange offering one-stop crypto-related services, including margin and spot trading. The centralized exchange boasts a core team of experienced professionals who have worked in world-class financial companies.

The platform offers the most comprehensive marketplace where participants come together to manage crypto holdings, trade, hedge risks, and develop strategies to maximize yields.

Formerly known as MXC, the leading exchange recently rebranded to MEXC Global as it embarks on achieving its goal of global adoption. The exchange is known for its pursuit of global compliance, which has enabled it to expand its world-class services to over 70 countries.

Users on MEXC enjoy a seamless and limitless trading experience, with transaction-matching technology used to maximize earnings from each trade. The global platform also guarantees optimal data integrity, enhanced performance, and high speeds of up to 1.4 million TPs.

Find Us On:

Medium: https://medium.com/mexcglobal

Telegram: https://t.me/MEXCEnglish

MEXC trading: https://t.me/MEXCTradeofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEXC_Global


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mexcglobal

Discord: https://discord.gg/zu5drS8

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mexcglobal/

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