Battle For Giostone: Game Overview & Breakdown

We have seen a variety of exciting games in the pipeline for late 2022 and 2023, but there is one genre that has been overlooked despite some of the top games generating almost $300 million/month in revenue. That genre is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA for short. If that is a new term think of games such as Honor of Kings, League of Legends, and DOTA 2. Those are all highly successful MOBAs but up to this point, none have made their way to the blockchain.

What is Battle for GioStone?

Battle For Giostone is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where two teams of five players compete against each other to destroy a base that is defended by the opposing team. Each player controls one Hero with a set of unique abilities. There are six heroes to choose from and each has their own unique playstyle. This allows you to find the best hero that fits the way you like to play or create a small army of heroes so you have a selection of heroes to pick from at any time.

6x Hero Classes

  • Melee Warrior (Ranvir)
  • Ranged Warrior (Auri)
  • Melee Assassin (Akuma)
  • Ranged Assassin (Lucius)
  • Melee Wizard (Gogmangog)
  • Ranged Wizard (Gurluk)

Each hero can be forged with 4 abilities out of 72 total choices. The sheer number of different combinations allow for many different styles of play even within a certain hero class. The abilities are then slotted in one of the 4 areas of the hero (hands, legs, body, and head). To take this a step further each ability also has 1 of 3 different rarities (common, rare, or legendary). Each of these abilities has a cooldown after use to take into consideration as well while playing. The combination of having to fine tune your hero’s ability to your playstyle and to your team will keep players adjusting to new meta as the game play evolves over time.

There is only one rule when it comes to character creation and that is that one hero cannot have multiple abilities stacked in the same position.

Hero Stats

  • Strength (Damage / Max Health / Health Regen)
  • Agility (Evasion / Attack Speed / Armor)
  • Intelligence (Mana Regen / Spell Amplification / Max Mana)


The Hero always starts the battle at Level 1. During the game, they can level up to level 10 by killing creeps and heroes throughout the match. Each level gained will open additional main and/or ranged attribute stats.


Each battle will take place against other players in 5 vs 5 matches, but you will also be able to play a Story Mode in the future. By playing the Story Mode, you will encounter and battle unique creatures that drop materials for the production machine. The production machine will offer you the option to produce new heroes (NFTs). These heroes will have a limited number of abilities to choose from out of the 72 total abilities. Additional information on these will be available closer to release.

To destroy the enemy base, you will have to collect stones defended by the dragon Gio. Gio is a unique character that can spawn at a random time throughout the game. He will spawn at either the top left or bottom right of the map. Once killed, Gio will drop a stone which a hero can then collect. If the hero holding these stones is killed it can be picked up by another hero who will then gain its power. Collecting all three Giostones will allow your team to destroy the enemy base quickly.

The game will start on a map like the one depicted below.


There are three different lanes to take to the enemy base. Each lane has its own specific playing style as well. Once you decide what lane works best for your team you can start working on the strategy for the lane that suits your playstyle and team makeup.


There are shrines located throughout each lane that will restore your health and mana without having to travel all the way back to your base. Your team can only use the one located on your half of the map, so plan your last rest carefully. Enemy shrines can be destroyed to slow the other team’s progress.


Towers will attack all enemy heroes in their range. You must destroy all enemy towers in the lane you are traveling on enroute to the enemy base.

Ways to Earn

While the visual depicted below may look confusing, there are quite a few different ways that you can earn through playing or staking. The team has done an excellent job looking at the models of previous games and identifying potential issues of sustainability ahead of time. Below are the main ways you can earn in the ecosystem.

  • Battling against other players to earn rewards for maintaining a spot as one of the top players on the leaderboard and earn Battle for Giostone (BFG) tokens and Giostones (GIOS). More information on leaderboard rewards TBD.
  • Staking NFTs to earn from marketplace transactions. If you want to passively invest and do not have the time to create heroes or play the game, you can create a crystal NFT that is minted by buying BFG. That NFT is then staked to earn from game transactions. Additionally, you can increase the APR on these NFTs through modifiers that can be found in game and then purchased on the marketplace. This helps create a loop between players and stakers by generating additional transaction in the marketplace.
  • Collecting rare heroes which is done through forging. This is done using the GST collected from winning battles. If the heroes you create don’t fit your playstyle, or you just want to put a little money back into your pocket you can list these heroes on the marketplace for other players to buy.
  • Selling items and skins on the marketplace. There will be plenty of drops found in game that players can list on the marketplace for those that are always looking for the rarest skins or items to add to their collections.


One of the biggest issues in GameFi over the past year is the price points between the seed, private, and public sales which can lead to large dumps when the tokens. Looking at some projects in the past we have seen a 3–5x difference between seed and public sales. This usually results in early investors dumping on retailer investors at or shortly after unlock. This issue often stops momentum and makes new investors very hesitant to buy. It also is a large reason GameFi developed a negative outlook at the end of the year from potential new investors who were hesitant to get involved. The team over at Battle for Giostone put together a very fair price structure that ensures even the earliest investors are invested in the success of the game long term and not just to the first unlock period.

What is very uncommon is that there is less than a 2x price difference between seed round and the public round which in my opinion is exactly what you want to see.

  • Seed Round: 0.033
  • Gold Stakers Round: 0.033
  • Private Round: 0.043
  • Public Round: 0.053

Moreover, the team is going to provide up to 10% of the entire supply for liquidity. This tells me that there is going to be depth so traders will not have difficulty moving in and out of their positions. This is very important and shows that the team is dedicated to defending their IDO position and are willing to distribute some of their tokens organically. When all the details are released on this, I’m confident that the overall tokenomics of BFG— from the valuation, to the pricing across rounds and the liquidity will be unusually good for these market conditions and upward growth.

Road Map

Despite the looming bear market that has tightened its hold across the global economy, the team has continued to meet the timelines laid out on their road map (depicted below). They are currently running a closed pre alpha for final testing and providing those updates on their Discord. Taking it a step further, they have also been streaming and opening mini tournaments which have been incredibly successful. These events help promote the game and begin to form important partnerships with influencers and gaming streamers who are a large component of a successful MOBA. I anticipate the remainder of the items for Q3 will be completed with no issue and see the open alpha in Q4.

Final Thoughts

Battle for Giostone brings a team of experienced web3 builders and MOBA players to GameFi at the right time to capitalize on the current market conditions. I personally love seeing a team who can put together an idea, a skilled team, and have the time and space to develop it out in a bear market. This ensures that when the game launches it will be fun to play and not rushed to release as we saw many projects do during the height of the bull market that ultimately fizzled out.

The team continues to build partnerships with both Esports organizations and gaming streamers that will be influential in promoting and building a player base once the game is launched. Esports is one of the truly untapped areas of web3 gaming and is a natural fit with this being a MOBA. If you are interested in learning more about Battle for Giostone or the team, you can find additional information at the links below or on discord where the team is always available to answer questions.

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