Castle of Blackwater IDO: Receiving Your COBE Allocation

Article Updated – 3/28/2024

Receiving your COBE

For the Castle of Blackwater IDO, participants will receive their allocation on the Beam Subnet via airdrop directly to their IDO participation wallet.

All IDO participants have been airdropped BEAM on the C-Chain as well for transacting on the subnet. Please note, this BEAM must be bridged over to Beam using the Beam Bridge.

Important TGE Information

The first portion of your allocated COBE will be airdropped on the Beam Subnet on March 29, 2024 at 15:10 (UTC). The CEX and DEX trading will begin at 15:00 (UTC), 10 minutes prior to the airdrop.

Please allow the team this 10 minute grace period to make sure their contracts designed to combat bots and sniping are working correctly.

All IDO participants across all platforms (Avalaunch, Seedify, NeoLaunch), as well as any private investors, will receive their tokens at the same time: 15:10 (UTC). 

COBE Liquidity

The CoB Team will be providing:

  • $250K of COBE and $250K of BEAM liquidity on Beam Swap
  • $250K of COBE and $250K of ETH liquidity on Uniswap (Ethereum)

Please note that the liquidity on Ethereum will be provided before the liquidity on Beam. Both pool should be open within 2 hours of each other. Therefore, if you wish to trade the COBE token immediately, it is recommended the you bridge your COBE from Beam to Ethereum using the Beam Bridge, and trade on Uniswap or one of the CEXs listing the COBE token.

Beam Airdrop

To transact on Beam, users will need BEAM – the native gas token.

Again, All IDO participants have been airdropped BEAM on the C-Chain. Please note, this BEAM must be bridged over to Beam using the Beam Bridge.

COBE Vesting

For participants in the Avalaunch IDO, their allocated COBE tokens will be distributed directly to their wallets on a weekly basis during the vesting period. No action is required from the users’ side.

Connecting to Beam

Follow this simple guide on adding the Beam network to your wallet (ie. Metamask or any other EVM-compatible wallet).

ℹ️Here you will find a one-click setup to add Beam to your wallet.


  1. Avalaunch IDO Participants will be sent their initial COBE allocation (in accordance to the vesting schedule) at the time of TGE. This will take place on the Beam network.
  2. Your IDO participation wallet has been airdropped 5 BEAM on the Avalanche C-Chain. You must bridge this to the Beam subnet to use the swap and Bridge you COBE to Ethereum.
  3. Go to Beam Swap to trade your COBE (Beam network will automatically be added when connecting your wallet). Users can also bridge their COBE over to Ethereum with Beam Bridge to trade on Uniswap or a CEX.

We have made sure that the process is as easy and secure as possible for Avalaunch IDO participants. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please join our Avalaunch Telegram group and our support team is always ready to assist.

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