Heroes of NFT AMA #1 — Project Overview with Co-Founders Halil (CEO) & Deniz (Game Dev. Lead) (Recap)

On 01/28/2022 at 12:00 p.m. (PST), an AMA session was held on Avalaunch with special guest co-founder Halil (Chief Executive Officer), Heroes of NFT. Below we present to you an excerpt from AMA with questions and answers.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

let us begin with a big hello and welcome to the Heroes of NFT AMA on your favorite crypto channel — Avalaunch chat brought to you by the base chain Avalanche. Today we have Halil, the Co-Founder of CEO of the project which will be our next IDO. We have known each other for quite some time and had the fortune of watching this project grow leading up to our IDO. Good to have you Halil, how are you?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

I am feeling great! also thanks for inviting us and it is amazing to join an AMA here as a cofounder of Heroes of NFT. Life is great and i am the most happiest person in this world. Hi Avalaunch community! you are really doing amazing things on avalanche. You are inspiring our Heroes of NFT community as well.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Let’s start with an introduction about yourself, your academic background and career experience to date?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

Hello, I’m Halil. I am a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Eng. I also did my MBA at the same university. It is one of the best university in my country. I have systems engineering and many years of management experience. I am an early investor of Avalanche. I have validators. I’ve been in crypto since 2016. I was working in a multination company and we wanted to do our own project in crypto, which we love and turn it into a lifestyle. I have been developing the Heroes of NFT project with my teammates since April 2021. I am the CEO of the project. Also i am one of early investor of Avalanche , i have validators and very well know person in Avalanche Turkey Community.

my career was a bit corporate one but decided to quit everything for the happiness that i found in crypto:)

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Sounds like you need no introduction in the world of Avalanche. Thank you for that intro. There’s a bit of an atmospheric vibe to this team, in the sense that the idea of Heroes of NFT originated from a card game — not something you hear everyday! How did that experience inspire you and the rest involved to create a formula for blockchain users, game enthusiasts and NFT lovers? I can only presume that refinement was key!

Halil | Heroes of NFT

We got that comment from our investors as well. As a team we are different in a good way. Creativity and innovation are the core competencies of the team. Especially i really like our brainstorming sessions and thinking loudly talks. During one of this session, we had that idea to create a nft based card game for Avalanche. We believe the best way to utilize NFTs to a game and to economy is the card game.

let me show you something interesting for everyone. some blue print outputs that we created in one of our brainstorming meetings.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

I’ve heard you thinking loudly before 😁

Would love to see it

Halil | Heroes of NFT

everything started with these sketches. That sketch was our starting point

When we run the game in our minds, we saw the game is full of with fun! we spent many hours on the game mechanics, The key feature of heroes of nft is not to create another chess style game but to create a game that could attract millions but also at the same time easy to learn.

I can say easily that Heroes of NFT is an important game for NFT lovers and crypto people

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

This “cocktail napkin” will be a valuable NFT one day. Heroes of NFT is best described as a platform that enables users of all types that embrace blockchain gaming to derive ‘real world’ value. Would you be kind enough to describe to us the in-game mechanics and the revenue generated models users can benefit from by using the platform?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

We have created an innovative division of labor in the Heroes of NFT ecosystem. With this model, users can enjoy Heroes of NFT without having to play the game.

Early investors, which we call Farmers, will benefit from providing HON tokens to the ecosystem thanks to the yield farming protocol.

Gamers who will make up the majority will earn HRM tokens by playing the game. They will also be the ones who spend AVAX to buy NFTs and spend HON in the marketplace for Hero NFTs, skins, terrains, hero superpowers, hero items and spend HRM for in-game items.

Workers who will not play the game as much as gamers but who still want to earn income from Heroes of NFT will earn income by staking character NFTs together with HON tokens.

but the important thing is that we will provide AVAX to our ecosystem. We don’t delegate creating of new NFTs to enter the HON ecosystem to our community. Because we don’t want any high entry barrier for the game. We will share the revenue of our NFT sales with the community via buy backs of hon tokens after we implement our play to earn mechanism

in game mechanics is something that we really give high importance.

We wanted to create game mechanics that look easy to attract non gamers but getting more complicated when they used to play. According to feedbacks from our alpha testers, they always told us that the game is addictive and at this moment, we are using just only two attributes of our NFT character cards but all others attributes have already been coded to our NFT’s and by time we are going to activate it. The game mechanics will become more complex and increase the fun of game play.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Having both passive and active income opportunities is great. As is the provision of AVAX for users. I know that you have a fair amount of AVAX already in the contracts. Well done.

NFTs have been on the rise for a few months already, and according to a report looking at NFT sales on Opensea (one major marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens) January registered as a record high month for NFT trades. Obviously, Heroes of NFT has a strong element of this. Can you outline to us these in-game NFTs, like minting, rarity levels, and how their integration comes into play?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

We are the only project i guess which is able to continuous sale of NFTs. We sold more than 13k Nfts on avalanche and has made a revenue of more than 5700 avax at this moment. We are not a jpeg nft project. people love the idea and the implementation

The NFT assets are the core component of the gameplay. The players will be challenged by the game and by each other with the hero (HRO) cards. Other NFT assets which will be generated by players in the ecosystem and sold in the marketplace will enrich the gameplay thus making it more enjoyable. While NFT assets are player-ownable, they’re also tradable on the marketplace. Moreover, by staking NFT Cards together with your Hon tokens, you can have passive income. You can buy our NFT Cards on our website, Kalao and NFTrade

Heroes of NFT Cards have some rules that had already been coded on your unique cards. These simple rules are coded in colors and with icons. Heroes of NFT has five different rarity levels. These are Common Cards, Uncommon Cards, Rare Cards, Epic Cards and Legendary Cards. Each card has a different frame and different color scheme. These color schemes are showing the uniqueness of your card. Common Cards are the most issued cards whereas Epic Cards are less common cards. But the greatness is happening in the background. we created an inhouse developed algorithm for creation of our Nfts, there are many coded attributes that we haven’t activated yet. please take a look to this greatness.

every card has a unique seed which is defining its attributes. with these attributes we can improve the game mechanics very much soon


Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

As an on-chain card game, Heroes of NFT faces a competitive space not just for blockchain-gaming but also NFTs. How does the game mechanics ensure that extra degree of differentiation?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

I believe we are the only project on Avalanche that has a collectible card game that can be played. Having an interactive game that you can play against your opponents as opposed to a browser-based idle game differentiates us from the many projects on the Avalanche network. Even our first version of the game was a peer to peer with PvP mode. We are very competitive in terms of game fun. We are not a click to earn or an idle battle game. By the way, our community has been experiencing our game with their 10 NFT cards and also they can play each other or against AI bots.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Agreed. It is a key differentiator — Anybody doing a little research will come to realize that Heroes of NFT is more than just a game with strong NFT elements, and that it immerses the player into a new world of heroes — the Heroes Metaverse set in the year 2073. The first set of the story has been released but there’s also a second part coming out in this quarter. What can you tell us so far about this second part to the Metaverse story?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

We have characters and our players can create emotional attachments with their favorite characters. it is very important feature of our game. We are working with a creative director to write the stories of our characters and also she is taking care of new addition of the character to hon world.

The second part is being written to establish exactly how the heroes relate to the game. The first chapter was concerned with who they are and the second chapter will be about how do they end up phosphania. It’s a journey.

these characters have really cool stories

people can read the stories of characters from our website

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

At the heart of this cleverly thought and designed ecosystem, sits HON — the native token and HRM the in-game token. Can you expand on the utility of both of these tokens, and how holders are able to benefit from them?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

The HON Token serves as a governance token. We’ll distribute it via yield farming and NFT and HON token staking in addition to the sales round. Staking NFT with HON token is for our small investors who do not want to lose money in any permanent loss. Another benefit of the HON is that it will be used in the marketplace by our gamers. Our land sales will also be conducted in HON Token. Moreover while our workers are creating new NFTs for the players, they need to have HON tokens and also to access special feature of the game HON token is a requirement. HON token will have many more utilities in the future but as a summary above utilities will be established firstly

HRM token is our in game reward token. You can gain HRM token by winning games and tournaments and HRM can be pended at in-game shop for in-game items. These in-game items can be used only once. They spent Digital Hrm then burns. Whenever someone uses HRM token it will be burned. By the way we have a very creative reward system which we created for our game. It is a reward path system and when we deployed it, people will really like it.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Heroes of NFT has a lot of revenue driving opportunities built-in. Impressive.

The roadmap shows some exciting milestones for this quarter. What grabbed my attention and wanted to find out more about the economy model. Can you expand on all that’s coming on that front? I’m sure future token holders would want to hear more about that.

Halil | Heroes of NFT

we are crypto people and we are creating our model in this sense. first thing first, we will share the revenue of our NFT sales via buybacks. It is amazing and after we deployed the final version according to our models and also the growth of avalanche ecosystem, we saw that we are going to do epic buy backs with the revenue coming from our NFT sales. this is the advantage of GAMEFI and we will utilize it.😍

the other thing is that we are creating really good incentive for our hon token holders. They will be free of impermanent loss risk while they are staking their NFT cards with hon tokens. They will create LPs and deposit it to our yield farming contract.

Also we are going to create very innovative way of creating revenue from our metaverse! in the past people were watching the advertisement on tv or reading it on newspaper. now advertisement medium is social media. the next big thing in marketing will be metaverse advertisement.

Anyone who are holding our hon tokens will enjoy the creativity and make good income with the innovation. even I don’t need to mention about yield farming.

we will take care of our tokens and community!

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Just taking in some of the good vibes here.

There are some exciting features that I’m looking forward to seeing in the near future. In particular, Metaverse structure with the whole 3D lobby, new characters and costumes. Can you tell us a little bit about those, and which of these features excite you the most?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

3D Lobby, we are creating a metaverse in that people are going to
interact with each other.
In short, it is going to have fun

3D lobby is actually consists of metaspheres which is a kind of land that gives some great features to its owners. It is not just a simple place. For example, owners can create their own tournaments. And all rules are going to be defined by the owners or Clan members.
Actually, there is a lot to say about metaspheres. Renting heroes or arranging customizable tournaments are very important for game guilds and we will provide the feature to land owners. i believe heroes of nft community will create many guilds in heroes of nft. For instance, imagine you have a community and arranging a tournament and taking the entrance fee to yourself and distributing the rewards to the winner!

New Characters mean new stories and new passions. They are like babies to us. Our design team works hard for the new characters. I am really excited about that. we will add many more characters to the game. It is never ending process. This is one of the advantage of collectible card games since players want to add new cards to their decks.

Costumes are important as well. Because it’s the costumes that make you look different. So your avatar does. Your avatars are going to have customizable parts. You can customize your avatars with NFT’s that you have already owned! This is also a unique feature that we will bring.

innovation is our nature in heroes of nft and our community is very well aware of it.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Wow thank you for this most thorough and comprehensive answer here today. Appreciate that very much. If there is one thing that you want our lovely community to remember, what would that be?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

The past is a good memory for us and the future is brighter than the sun. We are a competent team and we never give up, especially you know it very well 🙂 our progress is great and the best is yet to come.

we want them to join the ido and our community. we want more players and we would like to have the strongest community on avalaunch

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Well said. In fact, it’s so good that I’m going ask one more question before moving on to the Twitterati

With a range of technologies that are best powered by blockchain like the card game with NFTs as characters, avatars, and a whole new Metaverse, where do you envision Heroes of NFT to be taking its next big step? How do you see this evolve in the next few years?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

Our Virtual Reality implementation is going to level up what we have done so far and put a lot into it. Our aim is to create a perfect transition to Virtual Reality. And make the whole world hear about us. This is just the beginning. We have a great team and I have faith. By the way, AR and VR technologies are not a new field for us. We have great experience about AR and VR technologies. It is my personnel opinion but the big thing in crypto is gamefi at this moment. Heroes of nft is a gamefi project. But the next big thing in crypto will be AR and VR implementations.

Twitter Questions

@kripto_cemm — Do you think the burn mechanism of the HRM token will be sufficient? Are you going to add lottery and similar things soon and strengthen the burn mechanism?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

First of all, I don’t believe in lottery solution. also as to my observation it is not working at all. The important thing to control the inflation of game reward token is to create utilities for the token itself. Our approach is always like that how we can create utility for the token itself. if there is not enough utility, than inflation of the token in retrospect is inevitable

we created many utilities for HRM token.

@HambaMawandu — Regarding your token on the C-chain — how will you fight against the bots which manipulate the price at all times in the market?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

we are working with traderjoe for liquidity bootstrapping. With the rocket joe tool, there will be a very healthy price discovery period and also tokens will be available for both parties with an exact timing. This time, sniper bot owners should be very careful otherwise our community and ido participants will have chance to sell their tokens to sniper bots with a very good price.

@Bambang97516553 wants to know — Even if I don’t consider myself a “gamer”, can I receive passive income through HeroesOfNFT?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

yes sure, with our division of labor model, people who don’t play the game, they will have chance to make income with our innovative economic model. For instance you don’t play the game, you have our heroes nft cards and you can pair them with hon tokens and you will be able to make a passive income without any impermanent loss risk. Or you have hon cards and you are staking it to create new nft and you will be able to sell it to gamers. the limit is sky. since we are a team from crypto, we created great solutions for everyone. but by the way, our matches are not taking long time. in five minutes, matches can be finalized. you don’t need to spend many hours in our game.

@eyvallah17 — Firstly, hi from the land of chestnut honey zonguldak. I am looking forward to getting land. How do you protect your small investor from whales? What’s your strategy for land sale?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

eyvallah you make me laugh 😂. you are amazing:) we are working on the best model for our community and for our project. we know that there is a FOMO about our land sales. Even some VCs are asking from us to have priority for buying lands from our metaverse. We will publish a strategy for our community and if they follow it such as staking their hon tokens for one months, they will have more chance to buy the land. but at the end of the day, lands are limited resources.

@AIRDROPGIRL1— What is the advantage of X chain for HON and are there any subnet plans?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

our token is xchain and cchain compatible. as it is known, these are main subnets in fact. it means we are ready for subnets. for instance in case that there is a bottleneck in cchain, our users will be able to withdraw their token to xchain and they will transfer them easily. but at this moment no wallet is supporting this feature. by the way, we are the only project on avalanche which provides this feature to the users. we have subnets plans. i am one of the biggest validators on avalanche turkey community and i will provide many validators for Heroes of NFT subnet.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

At this point, I’m going to pass the mic to @shahi297 who is going to unmute the chat for a few minutes. Our community will weigh in with questions from which you will choose your 5 favorites. Ready?

Lovish Shahi| Avalaunch

Hi Halil, love to see you here ,Heroes of NFT is one of my favorites, I’m glad you came 🙂

Halil | Heroes of NFT

thank you very much. it is my pleasure

yes i am ready! lets go!

Telegram Questions

Erdem Uçar

which character makes you guys very enjoyable when you were making it?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

I created Sun of Art personally. I told to my team mates, we need to add Sun of Art. He is representing group of people that under oppression and living difficulties. For me, Sun of Art is more important than any other NFT characters. He represents something. Sun of art has a soul. I love you Sun of Art!

Queen Sana

Nobody can guarantee the security of Smart contract. But Audit play an important role to find out the known bugs of smart contract. Can you tell us describe how strong is your security? Have you done an audit by any third party?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

security is our priority and our contracts have been audited by certik. I can not paste the link here. but you can make a search on certik website

Puspa Martha

Is This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

yes sure we have many places for every kind of investors. especially staking our nft cards with hon tokens is for small investors. we don’t believe in elitism. heroes of Nft is the project of common people.


Up to now, how HeroesOfNFT team’s background and experience have been on the project’s development. How do you aim to revolutionize the blockchain and NFT and Metaverse sectors?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

we had a great working experience in the best companies in our country. Especially our developer cofounders have great skills on AR and VR technologies. we will combine AR VR technologies with blockchain and NFT but we don’t want to give trailers about it since the ideas are very unique


NFT heroes have five different rarity levels. These are Common Cards, Unusual Cards, Rare Cards, Epic Cards and Legendary Cards. Then, is there a general story of beating the legendary card?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

spell cards will help you to beat the legendary cards. we call them fate crushers and they will increase the game fun very much


What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Halil | Heroes of NFT

we will increase the number of team members. First we try to find our new team members from our community. We are calling everyone to send their CVs to memur@heroesofnft.com. If you are a unity developer, we will give more attention to your application. The other things are the deployment of new game components such as spell cards and implementation of the new designs to the game.

Lovish Shahi| Avalaunch


you’ve been exceptional , been reading all patiently 🙂

Very much appreciate your time here today and the thoughtful answers

Halil | Heroes of NFT

it is a pleasure. i like the energy of AMAs and i really like to attend the AMAs and being part of an AMA with Avalaunch Community is really great. Once in a lifetime opportunity. I really appreciate for the invitation.

Lovish Shahi| Avalaunch

On a final note — you have been an exceptional guest. Highly thoughtful answers and cleanly shared information. We’re happy to be hosting your IDO and wish you all the success we imagine you having. Very much appreciate your time today and look forward to your launch and beyond!

Halil | Heroes of NFT

heroes of nft is not stoppable 🙂

Lovish Shahi| Avalaunch

yes indeed

Congratulations and On behalf of us all, many thanks.

Halil | Heroes of NFT

thanks again. take care. happy weekend everyone! don’t forget to join the ido sale of Heroes of NFT

About Heroes of NFT

Heroes of Nft is a turn-based collectible trading card game. Players can battle in the arena against each other and show-off their skills with unique hero cards. Our novel Play 2 Earn mechanics will allow players to be participants of a real game economy. PvP and PvE modes are rewarded separately with mintable HRM tokens while the real prizes are distributed in the official tournaments. HON token holders will designate the game’s future thus they’ll be the real game masters. Future integration of Virtual Reality will carry the player to a new world where one will determine his own fate. Having all of these features, Heroes of NFT distinguishes itself from the others.

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