Heroes of NFT AMA #2 — Technical Deep-Dive with Halil (CEO) & Deniz (Game Dev. Lead)(Recap)

On 01/30/2022 at 12:00 p.m. (PST), an AMA session was held on Avalaunch with special guest co-founder Halil (Chief Executive Officer), Heroes of NFT & Deniz (Game Dev. Lead). Below we present to you an excerpt from AMA with questions and answers.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Hello and welcome everyone to AMA #2, due, the deuce, the sequel…Heroes of NFT was so good the first time around we decided to do it again. So Avalaunch community, sit back, relax, take a chill pill and get comfortable as today’s AMA is going to be a technical deep dive with Deniz. Deniz is a Co-founder of HON and a noteworthy game developer who was kind enough to share some of his time, experience and knowledge with all of us. Deniz, welcome Sir. Good to have you here.

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Hello, I’m Deniz. I am a graduate of Computer Science and also did my Master degree at the same university and the same department.

I focused on Virtual Reality back then..
By the way, me and Halil graduated from the same university. Whole team tho 🙂

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

That’s great to hear. A shared vision and a long history. As you were saying about your background and how you got into all of this…

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Yeah, hmm

Imagining things and making them come true is one of my greatest sources of pleasure.

I have been dealing with game engines for over a decade, using them not only to create fun games, but also for military simulations and Virtual reality applications for real fighter pilots.

Also I made many serious games for disabled people to use in their treatment.

Halil | Heroes of NFT

his master thesis is about AR and VR technologies, just a side note

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Very cool all the way around. We obviously have the best guests in the house with us today, and it would be a pity if I didn’t ask you to give us a high-level overview of Heroes NFT

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

In short

Network of games,

Where heroes can play various games and benefit from them
Think of HoN as a metaverse that is designed to support various games in the avalanche ecosystem.

We’re designing the infrastructure to allow the other projects to take their places in our metaverse.

The card game is just a beginning and is going to be our admiral ship.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Well, here’s to maiden voyages.

The team has an incredible amount of experience, not just the overall technical experience but also in blockchain and game development. But I assume that with the scale of this project, that even with decades worth of experience accumulated across the entire team, there would still be some bumps in the road that would need finessing. Would you mind telling us about some of the technical hurdles you had to overcome and how they were eventually tackled?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

As a team, we wanted to do different things

there was no such game ecosystem in the avalanche network where people could play against each other instantly, we planned to do this in the best way possible.

Our goal is to reach the same level of games such as Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra. Competing with companies like Riot Games.

For this reason, we have developed an application infrastructure that is on the ground and we still continue to improve it .

Of course, it is not an easy process. In order to make a difference, we need to do what has not been done in the best possible way. We are working very hard for this.
Our community values and supports us very much as they witness these.

To give an example about the technical bump, our HON token is created on the X-chain and then transferred to C-chain to be used in the smart contracts. We’ve done that. But there’s a caveat: no wallet is ready for the X-chain token transactions. We believe the new updates on Avalanche Wallet will allow our users to do low cost transactions with HON token.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Heroes of NFT is entering a market where both competition and demand is not falling short. What competitive advantage do you think Heroes of NFT has over other NFT and Metaverse projects?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

I believe we are the only project on Avalanche that has a collectible card game that can be played. Having an interactive game that you can play against your opponents as opposed to a browser-based idle game differentiates us from the many projects on the Avalanche network.
Most of the game projects as you know don’t have their playable games yet.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Well done and I agree re: the playable aspects of the game are going to matter.

I noticed that some of the game mechanics employed have their own unique approach. For instance, users and players will be able to create their own Metasphere and roam across the entire Metaverse encompassing these different layers, looking for ways to level up either through arena battles or tournaments. Let’s talk a little bit about what these game mechanics are and how they work to create this high-level engagement?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

First of all, I want to give a general idea about the game mechanics.

We had three basic thoughts

1-Playing a game should not exceed 5 minutes

2-It should have a very simple and understandable structure so that new people will not be intimidated.

3-On the one hand, it should be complex enough and open to future developments so that players will not get bored after playing for a while.

I want to start by explaining the simplest mechanics of the game.

It is a turn-by-turn card game
The game starts with 10 cards
3 battles are made and 3 hero cards are used in each battle.
Whoever wins 2 of the 3 battles wins the game

Community can follow the rest here : https://docs.heroesofnft.com/gameplay.

Let me give some explanations about Metasphere

Metasphere is an estate in HON world

Metasphere is an estate in HON world. Where people are able to spend their time with their 3d avatars, make trades and duels, interact with other players etc.

In their Metasphere people are able to create their own tournaments with their rules. For example, they can make the tournament only for 32 people , they can set entrée fee as X and the total price as Y and only rare cards are welcomed etc.

Actually there is more to talk about Metasphere. I would like to meet with the community in the future if they want me to talk about more 👀

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

One distinguishing factor for Heroes of NFT is that while it is launching on Avalanche it is designed to be a cross-chain card-game and Metaverse. Can we get some insight about the infrastructure to enable this? What level is this infrastructure at, and when will it be fully compatible to support different blockchains, and what will those be?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

I believe If Defikintaro our blockchain developer and co founder was here he would explain better than me 🙂

Designing the infrastructure we thought that loosely coupling the blockchain connections with our game is the best idea in case of adding the new blockchains.

Currently we live in the Avalanche ecosystem and believe that the Avalanche subnets will connect the many blockchains. With having this vision we’ve developed the HON token as subnet ready. After the official activation of the subnets on Avalanche, we will have our own Heroes Subnet. We’ve already readied our validator nodes to enable that feature.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

This is awesome

Speaking of this multi-chain infrastructure, there are two tokens at play, HON and HRM. Some people might be wondering why there is a dual-economy to power this single ecosystem. Can we help clarify the need for having these two economic structures, and how they tailor to different aspects of the gameplay ecosystem?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

The HON Token serves as a governance token and it is hard capped to 200m.

We’ll distribute it via yield farming and NFT and HON token staking in addition to the sales round. it will be used in the marketplace by our gamers. Our land sales will also be conducted in HON Token.

You can gain HRM token by winning games through game experiences or tournaments.
HRM also can be spent in-game shops for in-game items. These in-game items can be used only once. The spent Digital Hrm then burns (sinks)

Separating the limited token with the reward token HRM gives us a better control on the total inflation and deflation rate. As you know inflationary tokens are bad but it’s a lot harder to stop the deflation.
Our tokenomics is prepared to give the most of the HON ownership to our community. To support our ecosystem’s growth we’re not making our economy a closed system. For that we’re proposing our metaverse and land usage. Land owners will be able to rent their lands as well as rent their heroes this will crush the entry barrier in our game.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

One interesting element that not many game projects have before planning a launch is an MVP or a playable version, but of course this is not the case with Heroes of NFT. In fact, the beta version has been out for some time, now closed but can still be played. First of all, I’d like to ask how the beta testing event went, and secondly now that the beta testing is completed players are still able to access the version but requires them to hold at least 10 Heroes NFTs to participate? Can either or both of you comment on these two points?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Firstly, We value our beta testers and their opinions are very important to us.
They are our strategic partners 🙂

According to feedback from our alpha testers, they always told us that the game is addictive. and at this moment, we are using just only two attributes of our NFT character cards but all others attributes have already been coded to our NFT’s and by time we are going to activate it. The game mechanics will become more complex and increase the fun of game play.

Secondly, development is a process and we will develop more and more every day. Since it opened, we have never closed it until today. Everyone with 10NFT’s can access and play the game for sure. And they can witness progress 🙂

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Looking ahead, there are a lot of plans for NFT integration in the game economy, from the marketplace to NFTs as avatars, all the way through to Heroes costumes/cards and so on. Can you give us a high-level overview of these NFTs and how their integration with the different classes and rarity levels aim to foster a synergistic relationship with the rest of the game mechanics.

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

The thing about our unique Hero Nfts is: each of them have a unique seed with many parameters inside.

By looking these parameters we can decide the character’s class, attack defense ratio, colors, what item slots he has and etc. The item NFTs will be generated by staking Hon tokens then the users will assign these NFTs to our Hero cards and increase their powers and abilities.
The avatar NFTs are the next thing we’ll offer to our community. They’ll be 3D customizable to the personal taste.

The players will them use these NFTs to make a living in our Metasphere 🙂
Our marketplace will be run with Hon token. Players will either trade Erc721 or Erc1155 tokens alike. Also we’d like to provide opportunity to direct swaps between NFTs.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

With such a complex economy to drive the ecosystem, there will be safety concerns. What safety measures and priorities have been taken to make the smart-contracts exploitation proof? What about the NFTs, how is the security around it?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

If they know Defikintaro they wouldn’t worry 🙂

Our Hon token and Yield farm is audited by Certik. We’ve been absolutely cautious when writing our contracts.

before deploying they are reviewed by the different cyber security experts. So we’re confident about our development flow. Also for the backend infrastructure we’re working with private clouds of some trusted providers. Securing p2e economy system is hard but not impossible.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

Considering the magnitude of the project, long-term goals and visions are important. What does the long-term ambition for Heroes of NFT look like? Will there be any additional features added on top of the myriad already in the works?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

As I said before Our goal is to reach the same level of games as Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra. Competing with companies like Riot Games.

We are creating A metaverse from scratch with unique heroes and stories. And any of you can be part of it. Maybe your avatar is going to be a new hero and epics will be written in your name. We really want to make it real and do what is necessary.

We planned to launch our game with our spell cards and in game items. I believe that it will greatly increase the pleasure and excitement it will give.
Which means our game side is going to be renewed with our new art style, animation and UI elements. Which is very near. I am super excited about it.
Also In near future we also start to implement our Virtual Reality version. It is also going to level up what we have done so far. Virtual Reality is my passion. Really want to pass that part. But first things first.

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

From a development perspective, which challenges did you have to rise above, and do you think there has been any advantages to undertaking the massive task to build such intricate gameplay on Avalanche as opposed to different blockchains?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

I think the most challenging part is to create a unique and random enough hero card on the fly. Maybe it’s not quite obvious but our NFT creation mechanism is one of a kind in the whole blockchain ecosystem not just on Avalanche. So that the contract is able to create nearly 14k unique hero cards.
We’ve gathered our community in the Avalanche ecosystem, they’re our strong supporters and so that we’ve come so far and created innovative ideas. Also the low fees and instant finality feature of Avalanche empowers our system to be very fast compared to the Ethereum network. We may go with the other L1 chains but they’re simply not expandable as Avalanche right now. Imagine the future Heroes Subnet is going to be part of L1 blockchain and will allow free transactions with instant finality. We don’t need to build a L2 chain like Axie did.

I even don’t talk about game side 🙂

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

This is indeed a thoughtful answer and you covered the philosophy quite well

Now the final question before we move on to queries from the good peope out in the twitterverse…For final thoughts, is there anything that either of you are excited about to see in the near future and would like to share with the rest of the Avalaunch community?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

What we have done so far gives us strength about what we will do. We are planning to publish mobile and pc versions of the game to make it more accessible. I just really want people to play our game in their spare time and fun.

I mean, for example; you make money while taking a dump.

Isn’t it great 🙂

Twitter Questions

@ahmetjoey— Some projects are experiencing adoption issues due to issues with their UI/UX. Will you provide a tutorial and guidance video/document for this?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Of Course we are, our lovely community already took action before us and made some tutorials.

For the game perspective,
We are waiting for the first version of the game to come out, because the game itself will change a lot and will not have much to do with the present. We will make animated tutorials to make sure make everything is clear

@Ebenezeraddo70 asks — P2E game are a really good way to generate income, but sometimes it’s difficult to start playing them because their initial investment is really expensive. Is there a free to play option for those who want to play it but can’t afford the initial investment yet?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Currently 10 HRO NFT cards are needed. But in the new feature we are going to publish our mobile version to took people attention and grab them to the Avalanche network! In the mobile version, you will be able to play the game without any investment but you can not earn for the moment.

@Bambang97516553 — I could see that Heroes Of NFT has been working with ChainLink. What is the main purpose of this collaboration? Exactly what aspects of your project do you hope ChainLink can help you improve?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

We wanted to create a strategy game like chess

But it wouldn’t fit into crypto world. Because it may be boring. So we added a chance factor. In this version you are rolling dice for example. We are going to use ChainLink VRF solution to make sure the chance factor is really random.

@rishav4455566 — Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about Heroes of NFT?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

For example they can vote for the HRO NFT price etc

We have already done something like this with our community

We are believing ourselves and we are believing our community. Their supports means a lot to us

@Bambang97516553— Hello, I have been following you for about 6 months. You constantly manage to surprise your followers and even your partners. What is your primary inspiration that keeps you so driven?

Dave Donnenfeld | Avalaunch

At this point I will pass the mic to our irreverent and beloved @shahi297

He is going to unleash our community on you

Lovish Shahi| Avalaunch

@memur01 the video is awesome, sorry the bot always do crazy 😅

@achileuss happy to see you here 🙂

Telegram Questions

Boss AMA

Your visualization elements are great. Are you managing these processes internally or with an agency? What role do you currently plan to recruit into the team?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

We’ve illustrators and graphic artist. They are very precious to us. we’re planning to hire 3d artists and animators

So we are hiring guys, Just let us know 🙂

∆∆ MoNkEy D lUFfY ∆∆

Is there any special offer for NFT holders when purchasing Metasphere?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

to purchase Metasphere you have to hold Hero NFTs and HON for sure

Halil | Heroes of NFT

we are increasing the number team members, at this moment we are 12 people in the team and just send your CVs to memur@heroesofnft.com

Cripto Power

Can you give us a brief description of what assets (tokens, NFTs, etc.) we need to acquire in order to participate in Heroes of NFTs? Where can it be purchased and what is the procedure to do so?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

If you have 10 HRO nft you will able to play our game

You will be able to use these NFTS to stake HON’s as well


Can we be NFT Creator in HeroesOfNFT? Can you share with us how we can be?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Sure, you can be part of it.

Halil | Heroes of NFT

when we are going to make opensource our in house developed seed number generator:)

prizes are good. i tried my chance


Is there a NFT lending or leasing mechanism? In order to earn passive income?

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Of course there is going to be a Lending mechanism . It is also one of the use case of the our Metasphere

Lovish Shahi| Avalaunch

Very much appreciate your time here today Guys and the thoughtful answers

It’s been impressive and a breeze to go through.

On a final note — you have been exceptional guests. Highly thoughtful answers and cleanly shared information. We’re happy to be hosting your IDO and wish you all the success we imagine you having. Very much appreciate your time today and look forward to your launch and beyond!

Halil | Heroes of NFT

we are enjoying while we are working with Xava! this is something very valuable for us.

Deniz| Heroes of NFT

Appreciated! Thank you very much!

About Heroes of NFT

Heroes of NFT is a turn-based collectible trading card game. Players can battle in the arena against each other and show-off their skills with unique hero cards. Our novel Play 2 Earn mechanics will allow players to be participants of a real game economy. PvP and PvE modes are rewarded separately with mintable HRM tokens while the real prizes are distributed in the official tournaments. HON token holders will designate the game’s future thus they’ll be the real game masters. Future integration of Virtual Reality will carry the player to a new world where one will determine his own fate. Having all of these features, Heroes of NFT distinguishes itself from the others.

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