Upcoming IDOs on Avalaunch: A Sneak Peek

Over the past two years, Avalanche has emerged as a truly global platform, realizing its vision of establishing an interconnected ecosystem of high-performing blockchains. Avalanche’s powerful framework has unleashed a surge of innovation across various sectors – from gaming to the tokenization of RWAs and household e-commerce brands.

At Avalaunch, we are grateful to have played a core role in nurturing the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem and forging deep partnerships that enable the next generation of game changing products. While we typically avoid teasing our community without specific timelines in place, we wanted to share our excitement with the Avalaunch community for the journey that lies ahead.

We have been working closely with some of the most innovative projects on Avalanche and we can finally reveal a sneak peek of some of the upcoming IDOs on Avalaunch. These are projects that have persevered and evolved through challenging market conditions while staying true to their original vision.

It’s important to note that this is by no means a complete list. There are others in the fold. The projects we are working with are at various stages of their strategic planning. This ranges from finalizing the tokenomic design to navigating through investment rounds. As such, we are unable to disclose every project preparing for an Avalaunch IDO.

In line with our philosophy at Avalaunch, we are committed to providing XAVA holders with the highest quality projects and also empowering our community to directly contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

While specific timelines are TBA and the projects below are not listed in any particular order, we can ensure that there is a lot to look forward to with things kicking off in January.


DeltaPrime is building a gateway into an interconnected DeFi ecosystem. By enabling users to borrow up to 5x their collateral, DeltaPrime’s innovative design empowers users to maximize the potential of their portfolio. With a Prime Account, users can securely use their collateral and borrowed assets to create custom strategies using whitelisted blue-chip DeFi protocols. DeltaPrime puts a strong emphasis on security, ensuring trustless lending and borrowing while upholding platform stability with a secure liquidation approach that protects both depositors and borrowers.

With $21.5M TVL already deposited on the platform, DeltaPrime has successfully unlocked $17.2M in liquidity. As the project continues to grow, further protocols will be integrated, giving users even more flexibility in their DeFi strategies.

Website: deltaprime.io

Socials: twitter.com/DeltaPrimeDefi


Struct is democratizing access to sophisticated structured financial products through its tranched interest rate vaults. Designed for simplicity, it caters to both institutional and retail users, offering a range of products for various risk profiles. Its decentralized interest vaults offers users stable returns (fixed rate) or the option to leverage their position at an increased exposure (variable rate). This process, known as tranching, is achieved by repackaging riskier assets into tiered assets with varying returns. In doing so, it redistributes the risk and diversifies investment options. The vaults are made up of yield-bearing positions which are strategically directed to blue-chip DeFi protocols, making Struct a core liquidity provider in the DeFi ecosystem. By offering vaults tailored to varying risk preferences, Struct is able to attract more users which inherently deepens liquidity and greatly enhances capital efficiency.

Users can already deposit into a range of interest rate vaults built on top of GMX, with structured auto-pool vaults leveraging Trader Joe’s Liquidity Book coming soon.

Website: struct.fi

Socials: twitter.com/StructFinance


Movement is building an open modular framework to enable the next-generation of Move-based blockchains. Their goal is to drive the adoption of the Move language and its built-in security features, to create a safer environment for innovative products to reach mass adoption. Leveraging Avalanche Subnet customizability, it has launched M1, which is powered by the Snowman Consensus mechanism. M1 will serve as a decentralized sequencing layer for M2 – the first Move-based L2 on Ethereum. Forming deep partnerships with the industry’s leading infrastructure protocols, Movement is emerging as pioneers in the modular blockchain landscape.

Website: movementlabs.xyz

Socials: twitter.com/movementlabsxyz

Levr Bet

Sports betting is an $80B+ industry and Levr Bet is building a decentralized platform to revolutionize this rapidly growing market. Enabled by blockchain technology, Levr Bet is the first protocol to allows users to trade their sports betting positions with up to 5x leverage. Built on top of a powerful on-chain orderbook, Levr Bet merges with a DeFi framework to provide users with a transparent and secure way to wage bets on major sports markets. With the platform’s full launch in 2024, users can now sign up for Levr Bet’s upcoming beta testing phase to earn activity points which count towards a future airdrop. Blockchain features will be a game changer for the betting industry and Levr Bet is set to lead this movement with industry firsts.

Website: levr.bet

Socials: twitter.com/LEVR_bet

Aether Games

Aether Games introduces its flagship Trading Card Game (TCG) which unlocks true digital ownership within this immensely popular genre. Leveraging blockchain’s transparency and open economies, players can freely trade and sell their collectible cards. Aether Game’s TCG is set in a dark fantasy world, where players strategically build card decks to defeat their opponents in thrilling and competitive gameplay. With the TCG genre boasting an audience of 10M+ in the US alone, Aether is focused on providing a gaming experience that welcomes all competitive gamers – whether they prefer F2P or P2E styles. It also places a strong emphasis on attracting traditional players by seamlessly integrating blockchain features to enhance the overall experience.

By using NFTs to reward early supporters and deepen player engagement, Aether is building an organic community while establishing a thriving hub for the TCG genre on the Avalanche platform. The early access version of Aether’s TCG is now live on both Beam and Steam, aligning closely with Beam’s player-centric philosophy.

Website: aethergames.io

Socials: twitter.com/AetherGamesInc


Explore, Build, Mine, Survive.

Created by gaming industry veterans, Pulsar is a Sci-Fi MMO-RTS which seamlessly combines the stunning visuals of RTS games with the community-driven layer of MMOs. The game is set in an expansive open world, where players must manage plots of land, build bases and extract valuable resources to grow their empire. With PLSR as the native currency, players are empowered to trade freely within Web3’s open economy, thereby facilitating a more immersive MMO experience which cannot be replicated in traditional game design. In-game assets, such as land plots and buildings take the form of NFTs, introducing the concept of ownership and serving as a foundation for stronger player involvement.

The Pulsar team recognized the groundbreaking capabilities of Avalanche Subnets, leveraging their high throughput and customizable parameters. Pulsar recently surpassed 100M+ transactions, providing us with a glimpse into the journey ahead.

Website: pulsar.game

Socials: twitter.com/PulsarGame

Arcade Galaxy

As part of the Beam ecosystem, Arcade Galaxy is bringing a fun, retro-inspired racing game to the Web3 gaming landscape. Players can compete in exhilarating races on crazy obstacle courses to earn rewards and personalize their racing cub with unique skins – this is a game that will appeal to all kinds of players. Arcade Galaxy empowers content creators by enabling them to design their own custom tracks to share with the community. These minigames can be hosted on customizable planets, which players can own to generate real world value.

Arcade Galaxy has recently hosted the finale of its Grand Map Challenge, where map creators submitted their designs to compete for exclusive prizes.

Website: arcadegalaxy.space

Socials: twitter.com/arcadegalaxy_


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