Welcoming Minipool Operators to Avalaunch

We’re delighted to announce that GoGoPool Minipool Operators are now eligible to participate in our Validator Round for upcoming sales on Avalaunch! This opportunity allows Minipool Operators to easily verify the ownership of their Minipool during the KYC process, which must be completed before registering for a sale.

With the mission of accelerating Subnet adoption through organic decentralization, GoGoPool enables users to setup an Avalanche Validator node at half the cost, whilst benefitting from a triple incentive reward structure. With their user-friendly one-click Minipool launcher, users can setup their Minipool in minutes.

How to Participate

  1. Sign up & KYC
  2. Connect and register with the wallet address associated with your Minipool
  3. Register for upcoming sales when Registration Opens

Minipool Operators do not need to stake or hold XAVA. Upon successful KYC registration, Minipool Operators will receive a guaranteed allocation in the Validator Round, alongside the Avalanche Network Validators.

A Collaborative Approach to Shaping the Future Avalanche

The inclusion of GoGoPool Minipool Operators in our Validator Round reflects our ongoing commitment to launching projects that we can collaborate with to strengthen the Avalanche ecosystem. Other examples of our collaborations include:

  • Working with Dexalot Discovery to ensure safer AMM listings post-IDO, which protects users and provides them with a fair price discovery process.
  • Colony’s addition of the $XAVA token in their Avalanche ecosystem index.
  • Bloom – the result of a year-long research effort with GoGoPool, to provide a solution to decentralize and accelerate Subnet growth.

At Avalaunch, our commitment to collaboration and innovation is at the heart of our vision as we continue to build a stronger, more interconnected Avalanche community.

About GoGoPool

Since their Avalaunch IDO in April of 2023, GoGoPool (GGP) has established itself as a critical pillar of the Avalanche community via its decentralized and inclusive infrastructure. GGP lowers barriers to entry for validation by providing a faster, more convenient alternative through their liquid staked AVAX product. The GGP token and protocol has firmly rooted itself inside the security and ever-expanding economics of the growing Avalanche network.

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