XAVA LP Farming & Single-Sided Staking Coming Soon!

XAVA Farming & Single-Side Staking to Begin Saturday, May 29, 2021.

Our full update can be found here, but we did want to take this opportunity to announce that XAVA farming and single-sided staking will begin next week. We are excited to get more XAVA tokens out into the hands of the community and we don’t think our farming program will disappoint!

One-Sided Staking

XAVA is a token with earning power — you stake XAVA and earn XAVA, which has market value and powers sale allocations. This is a risk-free way to earn without having to worry about impermanent loss. If you currently hold the XAVA token, there aren’t many good reasons not to jump in! The single-sided staking effectively allows users to grow their holdings and power-up their future allocations as we lead up to our first sale.

XAVA Farming

Incentivized rewards are critical to bootstrap liquidity, engage and attract contributors to the platform. With a vibrant and growing community, Avalaunch wants to provide supporters the opportunity to earn through as many streams as possible. As Avalanche comes to the fore, decentralized exchanges like Pangolin offer a great opportunity to interact with the network and earn XAVA along with LP fees.

A comment on staking and farming competitiveness:

We chose our earliest supporters carefully and this will always prove to be an advantage.

Though we can not offer technical assurance, we can say with confidence that the majority of these supporters will not be staking or farming, thereby increasing the community participation.

We invite you to look and see how the numbers bear out once we go live!

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