$XAVA: Token Supply, Distribution & Listing

For a cursory introduction to Avalaunch, please have a look here or feel free to visit our website. For the TL;DR version, please scroll to the bottom.

UPDATE — 4/14/2021: Since the publishing of this article, Avalaunch has decided on a Pangolin exclusive listing and our contracts will be deployed to the Avalanche C-Chain. Please see here for more information.


Avalaunch has set out to raise the bar in fundraising. In spirit, we are wholly supportive of decentralized crowdfunding and subscribe to the ethos of inclusiveness. We believe that IDOs, whilst revolutionary, leave much to be desired. Avalaunch’s aim is to rectify identified inefficiencies while remaining a work-in-progress — continually improving and refining our offerings and technology.


Despite the fact that XAVA has a relatively straightforward, if not traditional supply and distribution, there were considerations:

The Avalaunch Token, $XAVA

  • Apportioning the correct number of tokens for our forthcoming proprietary staking mechanism
  • Anticipating market demand
  • Sustaining market demand
  • The date and rate at which tokens may migrate from exchanges to our platform
  • Additional token utilities
  • Eventual transition to governance contracts
  • Ratio of liquidity to circulating supply to buyback capability
  • Industry — comparables, projected CAGR, penetration, scalability
  • How to incentivize seed, strategic investors, and respect retail buyers

While this abbreviated list offers a glimpse into our process, we are aware that ultimately, market forces will exert themselves and play a factor.

Initial Listing

As a launchpad, we have decided against the IDO route. While we consider our fellow launchpads to be essential agents of growth for the ecosystem and believe there will be future opportunity for collaboration, Avalaunch feels best served by an initial launch on Pangolin. The current backlog of projects, bottleneck of demand coupled with our desire to remain nonpartisan were contributors, but we believe this approach is also the fairest as it allows for a healthier allocation of tokens for the public.

Avalaunch Metrics


  • Total Supply: 100,000,000


  • Token Sale: 33M
  • Ecosystem: 32M
  • Foundation: 21M
  • Advisors/Partners: 9M
  • Liquidity: 5M

Sale Metrics

Seed Round

Approximately fourteen percent of the supply was dedicated to our earliest supporters who provided seed capital and a willingness to stake their reputation in order for us to forge important alliances. We consider this an extended team and all of them remain involved and are continuously helping us drive the project forward.

  • Seed Round: 14.025M tokens @ $0.02

Private Round

Slightly larger allocation of XAVA was dedicated to the private rounds. Given current conditions, this was not an easy decision. The rationale came down to what will, in the long run, most benefit supporters of our project. To be candid, a larger public round would have been our preferred but not our best route. The space is still nascent and the presence of value-add investors will best ensure our future.

  • Private Round: 18.975M tokens @ $0.035

Total Hard Cap

$944,625 USD

Day One

  • Initial Circulating Supply: 5.1975M
  • Initial Market Cap: $181,913 USD


Avalaunch will provide 5% of the total token supply in liquidity at an opening price of .035 on Pangolin— the same as our private round.


Foundation: 6 month cliff, 8.33% released monthly for 12 months
Ecosystem: 2 week cliff, then 20% released monthly for 5 months
Advisory: 6 month cliff, 8.33% released monthly for 12 months
Liquidity Provision: 100% locked for 12 months
Seed: 10%, then a weekly release for 5 months starting 12 months after TGE
Private: 20%, then a weekly release for 5 months starting 1 month after TGE


We look forward to our launch and very much appreciate the interest and support we’ve been shown to date. We understand that there are crypto enthusiasts who appreciate very abbreviated versions of articles. So, with you all in mind:


  • Our supply and distribution schedule is anything but arbitrary and weighed myriad factors
  • No IDO — Rather, we will launch on Pangolin at a date TBD
  • Total Hard Cap: $944,625 USD
  • Initial Market Cap: $181,913 USD

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