Aether Games Sale: wAEG sent

Last week, Aether Games completed their Strategic Sale on Avalaunch:

  • Raised: $300,000
  • Participants: 3922

The purchased wAEG has now been sent and participants of Aether Games’ sale just have to wait until the TGE (March 7) to unwrap their wAEG and unlock the full utility of their AEG tokens.

In this article, we will break down how to check your wAEG balance and the next steps for sale participants.

✅ wAEG sent
⏰ Aether Games TGE on March 7

wAEG Sent

📩 Participants who successfully registered and purchased their allocations have now been sent their purchased wAEG to the wallet used to participate in the sale.

Please note – This has taken place on the Polygon network. This is because Aether Games will be migrating to Avalanche but their token was originally minted on Polygon before determining that Avalanche is a better fit.

To check your wAEG balance,

  • Simply add Polygon network to your wallet
  • Import the wAEG contract address – 0xd31E99B72455dC526b56654B254EA07e3F889ed2

Adding Polygon Network to Metamask:

To add Polygon to Metamask please go here for simple instructions.

You can also manually add Polygon with the information below:

Adding wAEG as an asset:

You can visit Polygon’s Metamask guide and scroll to “Adding Assets” or follow the instructions below:

  • Select Polygon Matic network
  • Click “Import token”
  • Paste in the wrapped AEG contract address: 0xd31E99B72455dC526b56654B254EA07e3F889ed2
  • To see your wAEG balance, please visit here to see balance on the Polygon Scan explorer

This works for Metamask, Trust Wallet or any other wallet (on desktop and mobile).

Aether Games TGE

During the TGE on March 7, Aether Games will open up a dedicated Claim Portal for a hassle-free unwrapping process.

Since this will take place on Polygon and requires MATIC as a gas fee, participants have been airdropped 0.2 MATIC to streamline the unwrapping process.

In the Claim Portal, Avalaunch’s Strategic Sale participants will be able to swap their wAEG for AEG in accordance to the vesting schedule. Once your AEG is unwrapped, it will become freely traded and utilized in the Aether universe.

For any questions, please join our Avalaunch Telegram group and our support team will be ready to assist!

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