Upcoming IDOs in March

With March underway, we are excited to present the next 2 upcoming IDOs on Avalaunch! Our commitment lies in introducing the highest quality projects to the Avalaunch community — projects at the forefront of innovation and creativity within the Web3 space. These upcoming IDOs represent some of the best work being done across DeFi and Web3 gaming in the Avalanche ecosystem and we are thrilled to be able to share them with our community.

Castle of Blackwater

Castle of Blackwater is building one of the most high-anticipated games in the Beam ecosystem. This enchanting social deduction game blends traditional gameplay with powerful Web3 features, fostering a community-driven social experience where players have true ownership of their in-game assets.

In a thrilling game of trust and betrayal, players will find themselves trapped in a perilous castle, filled with danger and deception. You have one mission – do anything in your power to make it out alive. Whether this requires you to form strategic alliances or deceive your friends – you must prioritize your own survival above all else.

Focused on creating a sustainable economy, Castle of Blackwater caters to a wide range of players. Whether engaging casually for entertainment or aiming to optimize earnings, the game’s meticulously designed economy ensures balance and inclusivity. Castle of Blackwater is playing an instrumental role in advancing the Web3 gaming movement, delving into the economic models initiated by the play-to-earn concept. Being deeply committed to sharing its success with a dedicated player base, this is an opportunity to be part of one of the most exciting games coming to market.

Are you prepared to navigate the treachery, deceit and secret alliances that lie deep within the castle’s walls?

Arrow Markets

Natively building on Avalanche since 2021, Arrow Markets is dedicated to revolutionizing the options trading market. At its core, Arrow is focused on creating a highly streamlined user experience. In doing so, Arrow Markets aims to make options trading accessible to a broad audience. It empowers users to learn and develop their own trading strategies, thus lowering the entry barrier for beginners while also catering to the sophisticated demands of professional traders.

By operating on-chain and eliminating the need for any intermediaries, Arrow is able to offer a trustless platform for options trading, ensuring that value is directly returned to its users and liquidity providers. This approach positions Arrow as the most cost-efficient platform in the industry for options trading, providing users with the best possible prices in the market. As a foundational layer in the DeFi space, Arrow paves the way for the creation of innovative derivatives and structured products.

With the upcoming launch of Arrow V2, users can look forward to experiencing the enhancements brought about by its RFQ (Request for Quote) system. Arrow Markets has chosen to deploy on Avalanche due to its high throughput, robust security and low transaction fees, aiming to explore new opportunities in options trading and further enriching the DeFi ecosystem.

IDO Dates

Castle of Blackwater

Registration: 3/19/24 – 3/24/24

IDO: 3/26/24 – 3/27/24

Arrow Markets

ℹ️ Please note that the Arrow Markets team have decided to reschedule their IDO to a date in April – we will make an official announcement when dates have been finalized.

Registration: TBD


Stay tuned for the release of full IDO details for each project, including detailed IDO schedules and funding information.

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