Announcing Avalaunch’s Licensed Fork Program

Avalaunch: Steering Growth & Innovation on Avalanche

Avalanche is rapidly emerging as a truly global platform, drawing the interest of financial institutions, native DeFi protocols and established gaming studios, all of whom recognize its potential to transform industries.

Avalaunch has been lucky enough to play a part in the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem since its inception in May 2021. At its core, Avalaunch was built as a people-first platform that served to democratize the fundraising landscape; having served nearly 400,000 participants to date.

What sets Avalaunch apart is that it goes far beyond the perfunctory duties of a launchpad. Over time, the platform’s features, branding and user experience have become an industry standard, effectively raising the bar although; this is but a glimpse into the complete picture. What separates Avalaunch from other launchpads is a commitment to drive the industry forward that requires intimate knowledge of an ecosystem as well as meaningful pre and post “sales service.” Enabling even the most promising teams to turn innovative ideas into sustainable products is ongoing and far more than merely conducting a public sale.

As a protocol, the philosophy is simple – to cultivate genuine relationships with teams by working together and providing hands-on support wherever needed. Even the most seasoned of teams are beginners when it comes to their launch. A collaborative journey is a must, in order to build strong momentum in the earlier stages of a journey and to kickstart community—a key aspect of any Web3 project.

Expanding Impact: Avalaunch’s Licensed Fork Program

Avalaunch has been approached on innumerable occasions to expand their offerings to include other ecosystems. In keeping with the core philosophy, the company has respectfully declined as diluting effort across ecosystems would be a disservice. It is mission critical that the passionately-built knowledge and brand serve to advance the blockchain as a whole. In line with this, Avalaunch is excited to announce an official program which grants licensed forks to teams that meet the requirements and share a collective value set.

Who Will Be Granted a License?

Avalaunch’s brand represents a commitment to nurturing innovation and empowering teams as well as communities to directly contribute to the growth of the industry.

Teams who are granted a license will be expected to:

  • Understand and commit to Avalaunch’s principles.
  • Recognize that in addition to forking any technological solutions, they will also be adopting Avalaunch’s philosophical and cultural ethos.

It is essential to ensure that the integrity of this vision is preserved. Therefore, licenses will only be granted to teams demonstrating deep alignment with Avalaunch’s values.

What Does It Mean for XAVA Holders?

Generally speaking and with specific details yet to be released, XAVA holders will have exposure to any project seeking to build upon the project’s history and brand. After all, Avalaunch’s accomplishments thus far have only been possible thanks to an exceptional community.

With the launch of the new program, XAVA holders will become eligible for airdrops when new licenses are granted. XAVA holders will also have the opportunity to participate in sales on Avalaunch for the tokens of these newly licensed protocols.

Is There a Fork Planned?

The short answer is: yes.

The new licensing program signals the next chapter in extending Avalaunch’s mission to democratize blockchain innovation and looks forward to announcing more about the exciting journey that lies ahead.

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