Avalaunch Advocate Airdrop: 30,000 XAVA Giveaway

In a tweet dated November 8th, Avalaunch stated, “We have also purchased 464 AVAX worth of XAVA, which will be earmarked as rewards for an upcoming airdrop to long-term stakers,” with a link to the transaction.

These 6,793 XAVA were slated to kick off the beginning of what will be an ongoing thank you to our longer-term stakers. This has been a number of months in the works and we are proud to have many “OG” stakers on such a young platform. To begin, we used some simple criteria to determine eligibility:

  • In order to qualify, a staker must have staked at least 1 XAVA when the Kalao IDO registration began and through our first cool-down period. The exact time of the Kalao snapshot was Friday, September 17 2021 @ 15:00:00 GMT+0000
  • Users were required to have not unstaked more than 30% of their holdings.

We felt that these simple criteria were fair and inclusive. To further subsidize this debut airdrop, the Avalaunch team added an additional 23,207 XAVA to make the distribution a cool 30,000 XAVA—with a current market value in excess of $400,000 USD.

We’d like to thank the more than 2,500 loyal recipients for their long-term support and look forward to them sharing in our continued success.

Claiming the Airdrop

If you qualified for this airdrop, it can be claimed on our airdrop page here.

This list of eligible wallets is also published here.

Please remember, https://launchpad.avalaunch.app/airdrops is the only valid URL, and you should always click through from this page to make sure you are accessing the right page.

Looking Ahead

Future incentives will have different criteria as we are just getting started and believe that many of our future long-term stakers have only just begun on their journey. Avalaunch looks forward to their arrival and will always do their very best to demonstrate appreciation for their long-term supporters.

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