Avalaunch Joins the Yield Yak Board of Friends

The most gratifying aspect of the Avalanche community, without a doubt, is the sense of camaraderie shared by the teams currently building out what will be remembered as the ecosystem’s earliest days. This is a special moment in time for the people and users here now and an opportunity we suspect many of us will be forever grateful for. There are some amazing teams laying the foundation for what’s to come and Avalaunch considers itself privileged to watch it all come together. While impossible to succinctly characterize, this is the lifeblood of our project. Everything we will ever do is designed to strengthen and support this intangible, yet persistent force.

Right now, the resulting landscape is relatively easy to traverse. For the most part, all of the teams are known quantities and many of them even communicate regularly. However, we suspect that this will not be the case forever. There’s a unique vibration that links together the current application ecosystem, and as we see Avalanche grow, we think it’s important to preserve it as best we can.

This is one of the many reasons we are happy to be joining the Yield Yak Board of Friends. There have been few more committed to collectively driving Avalanche DeFi forward than the Yield Yak team and their expertise and guidance is something many users have already benefited from, likely without even knowing it. Even in a short amount of time, our work with the Yak team and community has been rewarding and amplified our own efforts. Both Avalaunch and Yield Yak possess a shared vision for an Avalanche ecosystem befitting of the groundbreaking technology that underpins it, and the Board of Friends is simply one mechanism to drive us all there faster.

The Board of Friends

The inclusion in the Board of Friends will be formalized by two working criteria:

  1. Avalaunch will be appointed as a multi-sig signer for the Yield Yak platform, informing important product and strategy decisions that will help shape the project via governance over the coming months and years. This is a responsibility the Avalaunch team takes quite seriously and it’s an honor to play even a small role in the future of this promising project.
  2. Avalaunch will leverage the experience and expertise of the Yield Yak team, building upon the good will already extended by the team to many within the ecosystem. We have been consistently impressed with the generosity displayed by the Yak team and are confident that any new project entering the ecosystem will benefit somehow from their technical guidance.

In addition to the above, Avalaunch will receive 0.5% of the total Yield Yak supply.

Looking Ahead

As we approach the launch of our first product, it’s difficult to not look back and reflect on where we came from. Without even being live, Avalaunch has already very much been molded by the feedback of the early Avalanche community, and in some ways, this partnership codifies the spirit of collaboration that’s guided us since day one. We very much look forward to finding out what, or who, inspires us next, and the new ways which we will undoubtedly discover to service the community more completely.

About Yield Yak

Yield Yak is an easy-to-use tool to earn more yield from DeFi farming on the Avalanche network.

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