KuCoin and Avalaunch Partner to Help Accelerate the Avalanche Ecosystem Through Early-Stage Funding…

With the listing of our platform token (XAVA) now complete, we are excited to announce the next phase of our collaboration with KuCoin, a world-wide industry leader and premier cryptocurrency exchange. On the surface, this partnership is two forces coming together to accelerate a new technology toward more users and adoption. Looking deeper, though, we see two organizations who are willing to sidestep convention, look for promising new trends, and bet on their success.

This is a journey we are honored to take alongside one of the largest and most influential players in the industry today and believe it will help secure Avalaunch and the Avalanche platform firmly in the center of the next generation of decentralized architecture and applications.

Avalaunch & KuCoin Partner

Avalaunch, as launchpad powered by the Avalanche platform, allows new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution. With our values deeply rooted in the early Avalanche community, Avalaunch is able to offer teams confident, informed users who are aligned with the long-term goals of the rapidly expanding application ecosystem. As such, we have gained valuable visibility into what might be coming next, needs that we can help service, and relationships with builders seeking long-lasting, meaningful support.

KuCoin, as a forward-thinking exchange that supports innovation, will work closely with us to accelerate these individuals who we hope will come to represent the best and the brightest projects being built on the Avalanche platform. In addition to the listing of XAVA, the native token of the Avaluanch platform on KuCoin, this partnership will ensure that exceptional Avalanche-based teams receive strong exposure and support while working to build out foundational applications. Through a joint effort designed to offer essential liquidity to new projects during their most critical stage of development, all projects launching on Avalaunch will receive a direct line of consideration for listing on KuCoin. These projects stand to benefit from KuCoin’s first-in-class marketing services, liquidity, expertise and user base.

In addition to centralized exchange support, Kucoin and Avalaunch will also work together to offer early stage funding and incubation for promising native Avalanche projects and teams. Leveraging Avalanche’s grassroots community and KuCoin’s worldwide network, this synergy will expose millions of new users to the potential of the Avalanche platform.

As a leader in the blockchain space, KuCoin, along with Avalaunch, plan to do our part in helping guide the ecosystem into a competitive layer one blockchain.

Brick by Brick

The first step in this partnership was the integration with the Avalanche C-Chain, demonstrating that KuCoin is an early supporter of this groundbreaking platform and invested in its growth. This native integration will allow for more users to flow onto the Avalanche platform, while removing some of the friction we see moving from chain-to-chain. This integration represents KuCoin’s continued commitment in helping solidify Avalanche as one of the most secure, scalable, truly decentralized technologies the blockchain industry has seen to date.

As such, Avalaunch values the opportunity to align with such an essential ally in the path to broader adoption, and with the new C-Chain integration, sees no better time to do it. Avalaunch’s primary directive is to help grow the Avalanche application ecosystem while fostering strong, healthy communities who are interested in supporting projects long-term as they continue to advance our new decentralized world. KuCoin was early in identifying the immense potential of the Avalanche platform, betting big on its future through its integration and marketing support before many others.

Avalaunch very much respects the initiative taken by KuCoin and looks forward to working closely with them to make sure that Avalaunch projects gain a strong presence and market share in an increasingly competitive space.

About KuCoin

Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for over 350 digital assets. It currently provides Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P fiat trading, Futures trading, Staking, and Lending to its 8 million users in 207 countries and regions around the world. In 2018, KuCoin secured $20 million in Round A funding from IDG Capital and Matrix Partners. According to CoinMarketCap, KuCoin is currently the fifth biggest crypto exchange. In 2021, Forbes named KuCoin as one of the Best Crypto Exchanges for 2021.

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