Avalaunch & MEXC Global Partner for Avalanche Project Incubation and Joint IDO/IEOs

Since inception, Avalaunch has focused on building foundational relationships that will serve and support the projects that leverage our platform, before, during and after launch. The earliest days of a project’s development, and the network established during its infancy, tend to have a profound effect on the months and years to follow. This is, in part, why we strive to establish strategic collaborations with some of the most influential organizations in the cryptocurrency space.

As such, we are excited to announce that Avalaunch will be partnering with MEXC Global, a worldwide exchange which performs $500m+ in trading volume daily.


MEXC Global, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has evolved to become far more than a place to trade tokens. In recent months, they have mobilized their resources to offer expanded services from incubation to IDOs along with the listing of digital assets. We at Avalaunch were fortunate to have taken due note of this evolution and believe that together, we can actively drive the Avalanche ecosystem forward. Their proactivity has extended to supporting select Layer 1 blockchains and their active and growing interest in the Avalanche ecosystem aligns perfectly with our vision for the platform’s future.

Avalaunch, a launchpad powered by the Avalanche platform, allows new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution. With our values deeply rooted in the early Avalanche community, Avalaunch is able to offer teams access to informed users and partners who are aligned with the long-term goals of the rapidly expanding application ecosystem.

MEXC Global, as a forward-thinking exchange that supports innovation, will work closely with us to accelerate projects that may come to represent the best and the brightest being built on the Avalanche platform. The MEXC Global team has come to believe in our ecosystem and have been exceptional in connecting with the greater Avalanche community. We believe this is just the beginning.

Initial Offerings

Where the true commitment of this partnership shows itself comes from our desire to perform Avalaunch IDOs in tandem with MXC IEOs. As fellow proponents of Avalanche and believers in the quality of endeavors coming to the chain, this combining of forces will ensure that exceptional Avalanche-based teams receive strong exposure and support while working to build foundational applications.

Our joint effort is designed to offer essential liquidity to new projects during their most critical stage of development along with additional guidance, expertise and resources. The benefit from MEXC Global’s top tier marketing services, growing liquidity and strong user base coupled with Avalaunch’s outreach and community support is a dynamic collaboration.

For Avalaunch, having the opportunity to work this closely with a centralized exchange that is ready, willing and eager to deploy their resources to accelerate a new technology towards adoption is something we are honored to be a part of. As organizations with shared goals, we can synergistically contribute to the success of the worthy initiatives we jointly support.

C-Chain Integration

MEXC will integrate with the Avalanche C-Chain, further demonstrating their investment in the growth of the platform. This native integration will allow for more users to flow onto the Avalanche platform, in helping solidify Avalanche as one of the most secure, scalable, truly decentralized technologies the blockchain industry has seen to date.


Avalaunch values the opportunity to align with such an essential partner in the path to broader adoption. Avalaunch’s primary directive is to help grow the Avalanche application ecosystem while fostering strong, healthy communities who are interested in supporting projects long-term as they continue to advance our new decentralized world. MEXC Global and Avalaunch’s offering of early stage funding, exposure, incubation and listings for promising native Avalanche projects represents a great opportunity to leverage a devout grassroots community and a worldwide network to ultimately expose millions of new users to the potential of the Avalanche platform. Avalaunch looks forward to working closely with MEXC Global to push the Avalanche technology, and the team’s that build on it, forward.

About MEXC Global: A Leading Crypto Trading Platform

MEXC Global is a cryptocurrency exchange offering one-stop crypto-related services, including margin and spot trading. The centralized exchange boasts a core team of experienced professionals who have worked in world-class financial companies.

The platform offers the most comprehensive marketplace where participants come together to manage crypto holdings, trade, hedge risks, and develop strategies to maximize yields.

Formerly known as MXC, the leading exchange recently rebranded to MEXC Global as it embarks on achieving its goal of global adoption. The exchange is known for its pursuit of global compliance, which has enabled it to expand its world-class services to over 70 countries.

Users on MEXC enjoy a seamless and limitless trading experience, with transaction-matching technology used to maximize earnings from each trade. The global platform also guarantees optimal data integrity, enhanced performance, and high speeds of up to 1.4 million TPs.

The trading platform offers its native MX token, which is currently trading for $0.8110 per data from the top crypto ranking website coinmarketcap.

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