DeltaPrime x Avalaunch: IDO Announcement

DeltaPrime Overview

DeltaPrime is a trustless lending and borrowing platform deployed on Avalanche and Arbitrum serving as a key pillar in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape. It allows users to borrow up to 5x their collateral to use in integrated DeFi protocols, acting as a unified gateway into the DeFi ecosystem. DeltaPrime greatly improves capital efficiency by enabling users to invest their borrowed funds together with their full collateral. This contrasts with traditional lending/borrowing platforms that require users to lock up their collateral, resulting in billions of dollars in TVL sitting idle instead of being put to use. With access to a wide range of integrated DeFi protocols, DeltaPrime empowers users to create custom strategies to match their risk/reward preferences.

Since DeltaPrime’s launch in January 2023 on Avalanche, it has integrated Avalanche’s top DeFi protocols, amassing an impressive $42.9M in TVL, whilst unlocking $20+M in liquidity. DeltaPrime is pivotal in creating a unified DeFi experience, empowering users and driving the growth of the DeFi ecosystem on both Avalanche and Arbitrum.

Key Features of DeltaPrime

DeltaPrime’s goal is to create a DeFi portal which gives users a highly flexible and intuitive experience which is underscored by its commitment to security. Its innovative architecture has several core features which contribute to the safety and efficiency of the platform.

Dedicated Smart Contracts

On DeltaPrime, a user’s borrowed funds are sent to a dedicated smart contract, which is solely owned by the user. At the same time, this unique setup allows DeltaPrime to safeguard the protocol through necessary liquidations, independent of the protocol the user is interacting with. With a dedicated smart contract in place, users have full control of their borrowed assets while ensuring that the protocol can have liquidation measures in place to remain solvent.

Liquidation Approach

A core feature enabled by having dedicated smart contracts is DeltaPrime’s liquidation approach. To provide users with flexibility while protecting the protocol’s health, DeltaPrime performs partial liquidations when a user’s collateral ratio drops below 20%. This restores the account to a secure margin. Unlike traditional lending protocols that fully liquidate positions, DeltaPrime offers users greater control of their assets and a more user-friendly experience.

Whitelisted Protocols & Assets

With security at the heart of DeltaPrime, users can only engage with whitelisted protocols that meet specific security requirements. To protect borrowed funds from default, assets are also whitelisted, ensuring they are liquid, stable, and protected from DEX manipulation.

By adopting a gated approach, especially during the early stages of the protocol’s growth, DeltaPrime provides an additional layer of security to protect users’ funds.

PRIME Token Utility

DeltaPrime’s economic design focuses on creating a sustainable business model which also rewards the protocol’s biggest supporters. To achieve this, sPRIME is used as the key mechanism to ensure long-term platform stability. Instead of simply staking PRIME, sPRIME represents a PRIME LP position on Trader Joe (AVAX-PRIME on Avalanche) or Uniswap (ETH-PRIME on Arbitrum).

sPRIME holders gain access to:

  • 33% of the protocol’s revenue
  • Governance power points to influence the protocol’s future as DeltaPrime transitions to decentralized governance
  • Paying for Prime upgrades such as:
    • Lower fees
    • Additional leverage and token options
    • Improved performance tracking
    • And much more!

By requiring users to deposit into a PRIME LP position, sPRIME creates deeper liquidity which unlocks several benefits for the stability of the PRIME token:

✅ More efficient swaps with minimal slippage
✅ A liquidity buffer for unlocks, to absorb selling pressure with minimum price impact
✅ Increased stability

The ability to create deeper liquidity is crucial to providing a robust and stable economic foundation for DeltaPrime.


Partners & Backers

Official Links

Website | X | Medium | Discord

DeltaPrime: Avalaunch IDO

DeltaPrime team on working with Avalaunch:

“For the past two years we have had many calls with both Dave and Mark about Avalanche, DeltaPrime and, most importantly, our tokenomics. Their input has been invaluable and significantly influenced the tokenomics as you see them today.”

Gavin Hasselbaink, Co-Founder & CBDO of DeltaPrime

Funding Numbers

  • Pre-seed: 700K USD – 1,866,667 PRIME at $0.375 USD — $15M FDV
  • Bridge: 520K USD – 924,444 PRIME at $0.5625 USD — $22.5M FDV
  • Public seed: 500K USD – 666,667 PRIME at $0.75 USD — $30M FDV
  • Private seed: 700K USD – 700K PRIME at $1.00 USD — $40M FDV
  • Launchpads: 500K USD – 444,444 PRIME at $1.125 — $45M FDV
    • Avalaunch: 300K USD – 266,666 PRIME at $1.125  
    • Other launchpads include Colony & AngelBlock

Supply Breakdown

Total Supply: 40,000,000 PRIME

  • Community: 12,597,778 PRIME (31.49%) 
  • DAO Treasury: 8M PRIME (20%)
  • Team: 6.4M PRIME (16%)
  • Advisors: 2M PRIME (5%) 
  • Private seed: 700K PRIME (1.75%)
    • pre-TGE Contributors who receive a discount for locking and vesting their $PRIME over 12 months.
  • Bridge: 924,444 PRIME (2.31%)
    • Both private and community contributors, supporting DeltaPrime in late 2023.
  • Pre-seed: 1,866,667 PRIME (4.67%) 
  • Grant: 226,571 PRIME (0.57%) 
    • A 300k grant has been provided by the Avalanche foundation in our early days. This came with an option to buy the token back at a discounted price up to the grant amount in the future. While there is no set date for this, we do reserve a part of the allocation for this grant.
  • IEO: 571,429 PRIME (1.43%)
    • $PRIME used to bootstrap DEX liquidity at launch. This is matched with 100% of the launchpad proceeds and 50% of the Community Seed proceeds. 
  • Launchpads: 444,444 PRIME (1.11%)
  • Community Seed: 666,667 PRIME (1.67%)
  • Bounties: 800K PRIME (2%)
  • Ecosystem growth: 4.8M PRIME (12%)

The full supply breakdown can found in the DeltaPrime docs.

Vesting Following TGE

The cliff for every category starts on July 1st. 

  • Community: Fully unlocked at TGE
  • DAO Treasury: 12 month cliff, 12 months linear vesting
  • Team: 12 month cliff, 24 months linear vesting
  • Advisors: 12 month cliff, 12 months linear vesting
  • Private seed: 8 month cliff, 8 month vesting
  • Bridge: 8 month cliff, 8 months linear vesting
  • Pre-seed: 8 month cliff, 8 months linear vesting
  • Grant: 12 month cliff, 12 months linear vesting
  • IEO: Fully unlocked at TGE
  • Launchpads: No cliff, 6 months weekly vesting 
  • Community Seed: 6 month cliff, 6 months linear vesting
  • Bounties: Fully unlocked at TGE
  • Ecosystem Growth: Fully unlocked at TGE

ℹ️ Please note: The TGE for PRIME will take place on July 1st – please stay tuned for further updates from the DeltaPrime team on the exact TGE time.

Other Info

  • Initial Market Cap (excl. liquidity): $6M
  • Initial Liquidity: $6.75M
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 4,571,429 PRIME (11.43%)

DeltaPrime IDO Schedule

Registration Schedule

Registration Opens: Friday, June 14 at 3:00 p.m. (UTC)
Registration Closes: Sunday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m. (UTC)

Sale Schedule

Validator Round Begins: Monday, June 24 at 6:00 a.m. (UTC)
Validator Round Closes: Monday, June 24 at 3:30 p.m. (UTC)

Staking Round Begins: Monday, June 24 at 3:30 p.m. (UTC)
Staking Round Closes: Tuesday, June 25 at 6:00 a.m. (UTC)

Booster Round Begins: Tuesday, June 25 at 6:00 a.m. (UTC)
Booster Round Closes: Tuesday, June 25 at 10:30 a.m. (UTC)

How to Participate

To participate in Avalaunch sales, users will have to:

  • Complete their KYC Registration | Tutorial
  • Stake XAVA to secure their allocation | Tutorial
  • Register for the sale when Registration opens | Tutorial

Claiming your allocation

ℹ️  Important info: At TGE (July 1st), participants will be able to claim their PRIME allocation from the DeltaPrime claim portal. Please stay tuned for official announcements.

About DeltaPrime

DeltaPrime is your prime broker on a mission to unlock the full potential of DeFi. We do this by providing secure undercollateralized loans, redistributing assets with a focus on maximum capital efficiency. Being built on the strong foundation of the Avalanche and Arbitrum networks, our Prime Account holders know they get fast and reliable transactions for their most important investments.

About Avalaunch

Avalaunch is a launchpad powered by the Avalanche platform, allowing new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution. With its values deeply rooted in the early Avalanche community, we are able to offer projects confident, informed users who are aligned with the long-term goals of the rapidly expanding application ecosystem. Leveraging Avalanche’s scalable, high-throughput, and low-latency platform, Avalaunch is built by users, for teams, to help grow strong communities.

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