New International Community: Turkey

As we near the announcements of our first IDOs, and our English speaking groups have grown larger than ever, it gives us great pleasure to announce our next international community: Turkey!

While all global Avalaunch groups are important, the Turkish channels are something we are particularly excited about as the Turkish presence within Avalanche, and Avalaunch, has always been incredibly strong.

The Turkish geographic is deeply invested in the power of cryptocurrency, it’s underlying technology and the people that make it possible. When it comes to Avalaunch, and making sure the projects we help are seen far and wide, launching this community is a big win. The “unofficial” Avalaunch Telegram has historically been one of our strongest, and it’s gratifying to us to be able to take this organic, grassroots effort that sprung up around the project and finally make it “official.”

In addition to a official Turkish Telegram and Twitter, we have also launched a Turkish Medium where native Turkish speakers can learn all about our latest announcements and upcoming sales happening on Avalaunch. Going forward, all of our posts will be translated into the native languages of our communities!

Also, as with our other international communities, we have engaged local, on-the-ground, crypto-native marketing support in Turkey that will be assisting us in making sure that the Turkish users know what’s happening with Avalaunch day-to-day. Avalaunch is always expanding our network in an effort to have the loudest voice we can, and this represents an important step in making our message heard!

🇹🇷 Turkish Official Channel Links

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