Platypus AMA #2— Technical Deep Dive with Mr.BeaverTail, Smart Contract Lead

Join us in the Avalaunch Telegram group for the second AMA with the Platypus team.

We will be joined by Platypus Smart Contract Lead, Mr.BeaverTail, where we will be covering the most technical aspects of the project.

In addition to Avalaunch’s questions, we will be giving the community two opportunities to ask theirs, and we will be rewarding the 10 selected questions with $25 USDT each, for a total of $250 in prizes

Date & Time

AMA Contest Rules

To be eligible to have your question selected, you must:

🐦 Follow: Avalaunch & Platypus

✈️ Join: Avalaunch Telegram & Platypus

♻️ Retweet: Tweet & Tag 3 Friends

There will be two ways to submit questions:

  1. Commenting on the Twitter post announcing this AMA
  2. Live during the AMA

Shortly before the AMA, we will select the 5 best questions from the Twitter thread and those will be asked during the session.

During the AMA, we will open up the chat for community questions. The 5 best questions will be selected by the guest for answering.

If your Twitter or community question was chosen, you will be contacted to receive your prize.

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