Avalaunch Licensed Fork Program: Enter Seijin!

Avalaunch is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Licensed Fork Program, beginning with its reach to the SEI blockchain and the first native launchpad, Seijin. This strategic move underscores Avalaunch’s commitment to fostering a more interconnected and robust digital asset ecosystem and exposing XAVA holders to it. 

Ultimately, Avalaunch believes chains will be interoperable and there are certainly synergies to be explored with some of the most innovative blockchains that have been engineered to enable new types of applications to be built. As its core, the Licensed Fork program is designed to allow the Avalaunch team to continue its efforts on Avalanche while extending the our ethos, community and unique style of collaboration to growing blockchains.

Parallel EVMs : The Biggest Narrative Of 2024

At the heart of the SEI blockchain is parallelized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), an approach that can enhance transaction throughput and efficiency, allowing for multiple transactions to be processed in parallel, rather than sequentially. This can reduce bottlenecks and improve the scalability of the network and with this design, solve one of the limitations of the EVM. The parallelized EVM enables decentralized applications (dApps) to perform at greater speeds, making the SEI blockchain highly responsive and scalable for dApps. SEI aims to set a new standard for performance and usability in the ecosystem as the next generation of Layer 1 blockchains improve upon their predecessors.

Airdrops: Much More Than A Reward

As outlined within the core tenets of the Licensed Fork Program, XAVA stakers will receive an exclusive token airdrop of the Seijin token, marking a significant milestone in the Avalaunch journey. The specific details will be released soon, but both teams are committed to making sure the history and value of the original Avalaunch community is recognized. 

This partnership between Avalaunch and SEI represents a commitment to sharing value and exposure across ecosystems. We want this to stand as a powerful model of cooperation over competition with the clear understanding that a shared audience of educated users holds far more sway than an isolated one. 

The airdrop itself represents more than a reward. It is an invitation to pass through a gateway that encourages and supports the launch of groundbreaking projects on the SEI blockchain as well as Avalaunch. 

Foundation & Ecosystem Support

As with Avalaunch, it’s important that any expansion into other chains is underpinned by a strong relationship to the community and culture. Therefore, we want to thank the SEI Foundation for being so receptive to this collaboration as they stepped up with robust support for this initiative, underscoring their broader commitment to fostering innovation and growth. Avalaunch is honored to be able to garner this trust and use our technology and expertise to play a part in their growth. 

This unprecedented collaboration paves the way for XAVA holders to be at the forefront of the SEI blockchain’s evolution, offering them a unique opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our collective successes.

Avalaunch Licensed Fork Program: Bridging Gaps, Building Futures

Avalaunch’s Licensed Fork Program has been meticulously designed to empower project creators, offering them a robust suite of tools and resources to launch their projects successfully. This program not only provides a secure and transparent platform for fundraising but also ensures compliance and governance standards are met, fostering trust and reliability within the ecosystem. To quote from the original article on who can qualify for a fork: 

“Avalaunch’s brand represents a commitment to nurturing innovation and empowering teams as well as communities to directly contribute to the growth of the industry.

  • Teams who are granted a license will be expected to:
    • Understand and commit to Avalaunch’s principles.
    • Recognize that in addition to forking any technological solutions, they will also be adopting Avalaunch’s philosophical and cultural ethos.

It is essential to ensure that the integrity of this vision is preserved. Therefore, licenses will only be granted to teams demonstrating deep alignment with Avalaunch’s values.”

Avalaunch has every confidence that the team is up to the task and committed to be the premier launchpad on the SEI blockchain. By extending this program, Avalaunch is inviting a new wave of innovation and creativity. Developers on the SEI blockchain can now leverage Avalaunch’s proven launchpad mechanisms, tailored support, and extensive network to amplify their reach and impact.

What’s Next?

As we embark on this exciting journey, Seijin is dedicated to supporting the vibrant community of developers, creators, and users on the SEI blockchain. We are excited to see the innovative projects and groundbreaking ideas that will emerge from this collaboration.

Stay tuned for further updates, including detailed guides on how to participate in the Licensed Fork Program and how this new project will reward Avalaunch token stakers! Avalaunch looks forward to introducing the Seijin team and to making waves with a number of already slated launches. 

For the SEI incumbents fret not as we look forward to a collaborative announcement with the first native DEX on SEI—Dragon Swap

About Avalaunch

Avalaunch is a leading blockchain platform dedicated to accelerating the growth of innovative projects in the digital asset space. Through its Licensed Fork Program and other initiatives, Avalaunch provides the tools, resources, and community support necessary for successful project launches.

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