Come Join the Avalaunch Team and Help Us Test!

As we close in on the release of the Avalaunch Platform it is time to involve YOU, our community, in what we have been building. We want your feedback!

We believe that Avalaunch is unlike anything else that exists in the market today, and we need a group of strong testers from within our community to help us make sure it’s ready for prime time. There is lots to show you all and we want to provide a few of you with a sneak peak!


We will be opening a private group, with about 20–30 participants, who we will ask to help run through all the features of the platform with us. This includes staking for allocation, participating in sales, and generally using the features of Avalaunch we haven’t talked about publicly.

Additionally, we are going to be running test sales, with you as participants, making you the first to ever experience Avalaunch! If that sounds like fun to you, then you are probably exactly who we are looking for.


If you’d like to be considered to participate as a tester, please fill out this form:

Private Test Group Application Form

We will be forming the testing group ASAP and testing starts this week. The idea here is to capture a nice variety of users of varying “skill” levels. Please answer these questions honestly. It will matter.


Our basic requirements are that you are both a long-term Avalaunch community member and holding some amount of the XAVA token. You must also be regularly online, available consistently for the next little while and be able to offer thoughtful feedback about your experience using Avalaunch. It is very important you feel comfortable clearly documenting what you encounter. Strong written communication is a must.

You will be working directly with the core management and development team to make sure the testing is productive.

Last But Not Least!

As a thank you, we will be offering the following incentives to be distributed amongst our best testers:

💸 $5,000 USD
$5,000 XAVA

The distribution details will be shared with the final group.

Deadline: As soon as we fill the spots, the form will close. If you think you want to help, fill out the form ASAP.

Application: Private Test Group Application Form

Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!

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