Building A Web3 MOBA

Filled with promise, blockchain gaming has taken the world by storm and it has been stormy at times. In a space still taking its earliest steps, forging ahead requires development teams to navigate an oft confusing road. This is especially true in the creation of a Web3 MOBA.

Avalaunch & BFG: Behind The Scenes

Supporting a new project is speculation at the earliest stage. Volatility is expected and only in the long run can we truly determine what constitutes success and failure. As so much of crypto is ever evolving, participants and projects alike must contend with changing times and wildly varying conditions.

Avalaunch Dual-IDO (Community & Gold Staker): User Guide

The Community IDO works exactly like our standard IDOs. As long as you have a KYC’ed account and are staking XAVA, you will be able to register during the registration period and will receive a guaranteed allocation in the sale.