Sale Rounds & Eligibility

In this tutorial, we will be covering the different rounds contained in each Avalaunch sale. Each round has a different percentage of the total sale, requirements for eligibility and priority.

Round Types

Every sale on Avalaunch will be broken into three rounds and occur in the following order:

  1. Validator Round — Guaranteed Allocations
  2. Staking Round — Guaranteed Allocations
  3. Booster Round — Opt-In Allocations

Please Note: Once the Validator Round closes, the Staking Round begins. Once the Staking Round closes, the Booster Round begins.

Round Allocations

Each round begins with a different fraction of the total amount available for sale:

  1. Validator Round* — Maximum of 5% of the total sale
  2. Staking Round Minimum of 95% of the total sale
  3. Booster Round —  What remains unsold from Validator and Staking Round

Whatever isn’t sold in the current round will move over into the subsequent round. For example, if only 5% was sold in the “Validator Round,” (instead of 10%) the remaining 5% would move into the “ Staking Round,” making it 95% when it begins instead of the 90% minimum. Same formula applies to available tokens in Booster Round.

*These percentages are subject to change in the future, and rounds may be removed and/or added.


A completed KYC is required for sale participation. If you have not completed our KYC process, please do so in our KYC Application.

After completing the requirements, you will still need to register for a sale during the set registration period. If you miss that registration period, you will not be able to participate.

1. Validator Round


This node must be active during both registration and sale to qualify.

2. Staking Round


There is no minimum of XAVA you must stake, but the more you stake, the larger you allocation will be. The Avalaunch platform offers guaranteed allocations to all stakers, but there is also a maximum allocation set for each sale.

3. Booster Round


This feature will add you to a queue of participants who wish to purchase additional allocation from the pool of unsold tokens. Please make sure you have deposited the suggested amount of collateral.

Sample Sale

Below is an example of how a sale might unfold on the Avalaunch platform.

In parenthesis is just one hypothetical scenario, but will illustrate the logic of the smart contracts.

10:00 a.m. — Validator Round Begins (Max 5%) — 2 hours

(Only 3% of the round allocation is sold, so 2% moves to the next round.)

— 1 Hour Break —

1:00 p.m. — Staking Round Begins (Min 95%) — 2 hours

(Since 2% moved over from the last round, this round is 97% instead of the 95% minimum.)

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